You are tarnishing the image of K-Pop Sakura's letter attracts the attention of Internet users
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“You are tarnishing the image of K-Pop” Sakura’s letter attracts the attention of Internet users

Coachella, the most popular music festival in the world, which takes place over two three-day weekends, offers festival-goers the opportunity to see the biggest stars of Western music, or even the Kpop group Le Sserafim and ATEEZ, The Rose, and more.

However, LE SSERAFIM's performance received mixed reactions. Several fans and netizens expressed their disappointment with the members' vocal abilities. The criticism harshly extends to Sakura, which reportedly pushed the idol to write a letter to her fans via Weverse. The full letter reads:

Reply, it's scary Sakura and SSERAFIM share aspects of Korean culture she found difficult 3

“From the very first moment we started preparing for Coachella to the day we walked on stage, I learned a lot.
What does it mean to be on stage? Is it about showing our perfect side? Is it about entertaining the audience?
Or is it about performing without having the right to make the slightest mistake? Different people have different standards. It depends on what type of performance it is. Won't it change depending on the type of the scene. »

She continued : »For those who don't know us and those who are new to singing, it was just fun! I wanted to do this performance so that you can feel that today has been an unforgettable and wonderful day, and I am sure that his determination has been conveyed,
I think we had the best performance. It's been less than two years since we started and we've only done one tour, so we put our heart and soul into this with a stage called Coachella. This alone made me feel like this was life and The Sserafim. » 

“FEARNOT will face many difficulties in his life and encounter many unreasonable things. But I'm the only one who knows for sure what I did. I really prepared for this show, suffered through it and had fun, and was able to show it all on show day. Maybe that's not enough in someone's eyes. But no one is perfect. »

“You are tarnishing the image of K-Pop” Sakura’s letter attracts the attention of Internet users K-Sélection

“I am determined to believe that this was our best performance to date. So I was really looking forward to becoming a better band in the future, and it was a performance that really made me want to work harder. I think everything is different between what you get by comparing yourself to someone else and what you get by comparing yourself to yourself in the past. Even if you live normally, find out what you really love in a difficult world and only look at what you love deep in your heart and those things that make you happy. Seeing only good things is not naivety or anything. It's our life, so we can live it however we want. »

She concluded: “ When I was walking around Coachella Square today, several people said to me, "Yesterday's performance was awesome!" ". This alone overwhelmed me with my emotions. It's my best memory to share such a wonderful space with the audience who can see me from the stage, have fun with us, sing and share a nice space with us and create good memories. No matter what others think, I believe what I feel. That's why I came all the way here. I will not betray myself and I will continue to believe in myself. I am very grateful to all the staff, dancers and band who helped me make this show happen.

“You are tarnishing the image of K-Pop” Sakura’s letter attracts the attention of Internet users K-Sélection

And thank you very much to the FEARNOTs who came immediately to the scene and to the FEARNOTs for watching us livestream. It is thanks to the FEARNOTs that I can walk with my head held high (with pride). Thank you very much.
Moreover, I will continue to do my best to show you unimaginable moments, so keep supporting me Thank you very much Coachella!!! I will do my best next week too!!! »

However, Korean fans criticized Sakura for "mental victory". It is a term when a person tries to convince themselves that they are right using their own justifications even if everything goes against logical arguments. With this, fans reacted coldly when Sakura claimed that "it was the best performance", but emphasized that she considered "having fun on stage" rather than giving her fans a "perfect" stage. They commented:

  • “The Japanese mentality…”
  • “Why did you become a celebrity if you just want to have fun?” »
  • “Japanese mental victory. »
  • “Isn’t that kind of mindset why you’re not improving?” »
  • "It's amazing how you say things like that when you can't even do your job." »
  • “You are tarnishing the image of K-Pop. Please don't perform as a K-Pop artist again. »
  • “His rationalization is legendary. »
  • “Please stay still. You really have no conscience. »
  • “If it's your job, isn't it right to raise your standards a little more and improve your skills? »
  • Some also explained that the group could have handled the criticism if Sakura had been a newbie, but that is not the case.
  • “It seems like she's adopting a Japanese mindset, which really changes the way I see her. »
  • “This kind of attitude is really not appreciated in Korea. »
  • “His attitude doesn’t suit him. She should have remained a J-Pop artist. »
  • “I am so disappointed. I delete their songs from my playlist.
  • “Don’t call yourself a K-Pop idol if you want to perform like that. Better to sing in a karaoke bar or perform in Japan. »
  • “If you just want to have fun on stage, come back to AKB.”
  • “The fact that she still can't sing after all these years is just funny at this point. »
  • “Jpop fans are used to this kind of thing”

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Sakura is perfect and so is their performance ❤


Sakura is just incredible, nothing to complain about, a mature and meaningful letter Fighting!


Personally, k-pop girl groups shouldn't exist

We are one

I understand what she means, I think this is the first time she's really EXPERIENCED a performance. I think that with the playbacks, they don't live their performance, they dance and that's it. I saw that during Coachella they were happy, I finally saw emotions, joy, etc., even if vocally it wasn't good.

As they mainly perform for broadcast shows, they have to train only on their dancing and it must not be very stimulating so singing is not covered at all. She learned or re-learned to sing while dancing. Afterwards it's true that she still has 10 years of career compared to the others. It’s good that it motivated her.

On the other hand, Koreans don't have to say things like that, why bring it all back to its origins?


Regardless of her state of mind, I think she is courageous and you are ungrateful when she sings for you and this is how you thank her?
You are actually jealous!!


Honestly she's right


She handled the problem without being vulgar or disrespectful, but with great maturity... maybe the performance wasn't incredible but in any case as long as they had fun that's fine with me


Hopefully next week it will be better eh. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, their best performance, really? If that was their best performance I would still prefer the playback at least I know there is autotune behind it lol. If for Sakura this is a vocal performance, well kpop is in decline. Dance-wise it was perfect but vocally it's 4/10 there. We will see their second performance.

I loved

Why is no one talking about very racist comments?


I don't know, but we should talk about it!

Fun manga

Without even talking about the letter, it's true that the live performance was blah, well otherwise the performance was seriously cool, I think that the producers absolutely want to use their low voices because they are very popular but we mustn't forget that Yunjin, Sakura and Chaewon have very high basic voices, if they change the rank of their voices and put too much breath, the live performance is complex to do…
They should use their vocal performances like for gfriend, snsd etc…
It's stupid to waste their high voices on purpose to ride the low vibe.
It goes to certain groups like everglow, gidle but they have the votes for it.


Well it wasn't the best saturation... mm yes it's true that they had a lot of pressure due to their vocals




Well if I remember correctly, they also set Lisa on fire because she was Thai. These fans are never happy, not enough of this or that.

Then there is a reason why she is not the leader of the group despite having more experience than the others. Over time, people should understand that it is not the most talented people who are rewarded the most but the most popular people.


Ella has a Japanese mentality it's weird maybe because she's Japanese well then I agree with one of the last comments it's weird that after all these years of being an idol and having made 3 debuts she's still has an almost mediocre stage in live vocal after like they said she was a jpop idol and it's not the same I hope that for the next performance will be better because it's not their best performance


Same like 3 years in music and it shows and not stable knowing that she was a kpop artist then in izon*e and it was good and in lessarfim it's not that while it's her who is supposed to have the most experience knowing that she started early as a q'idok in Japan


Yes but in the old article it was mentioned that <> Sakura was part of HKT48 Team kiv HKT48 AkB48 it lasted from 2011 to 2018 so 7 years as it is said he favors the interactions rather than the voice so maybe that for Sakura she keeps this same mentality well afterwards I admit that I agree she has also been a kpop idol for 7 years and she should have trained more knowing that for me it's not hybe the problem since fromis 9 new jeans and katseye have stable voice live (illit to see jsp too)


I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it... honestly...


LE SSERAFIM's Sakura and Chaewon's Rebuttals Spark Debate Over Their Coachella Performance

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