YG criticized for outdated concept of BABYMONSTER K-Selection return
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YG criticized for outdated concept of BABYMONSTER comeback

Recently, BABYMONSTER is gaining attention for their talents and visuals. However, it is said that the group not only lacks a good song to solidify itself, but also needs to improve its concept. .

Recently, YG released a poster announcing the group's comeback on July 1st. Thus, the 7 “monsters” will release the new single “Forever”, marking their return three months after the release of their debut mini-album. For this product, BABYMONSTER will adopt a somewhat feminine and elegant concept. In the poster, all 7 members show off their visuals in all-black outfits, with plenty of sparkling silver details and elaborate embellishments.

YG criticized for outdated concept of BABYMONSTER K-Selection return

However, instead of compliments, BABYMONSTER's new image is receiving criticism from Korean netizens, as it appears to be from the early 2010s. While BLACKPINK is a global fashion icon, their younger siblings BABYMONSTER are considered too kitsch .

Many posts about how YG built BABYMONSTER's image have gone viral on various K-pop forums. In the comments sections, many express their regret for this talented group who never really shined like their elders because of outdated concepts.

YG criticized for outdated concept of BABYMONSTER K-Selection return

Earlier this year, rumors circulated that YG currently did not have a creative director, which further disappointed BABYMONSTER fans. This is a disadvantage for the group, as beauty standards in K-pop are still strict, forcing entertainment companies to constantly update themselves with trends. The construction of images and concepts is becoming an aspect to which entertainment empires like SM or HYBE pay particular attention. Many famous groups like aespa or NewJeans also have their own “conceptual universe”. It will be very difficult for BABYMONSTER to step out of BLACKPINK's shadow if YG continues to struggle like he is currently.

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They always have something to say, it gets boring...


If YG no longer has an artistic director...he could hire Mhj...that will get rid of us!!...


With sheesh or batter up I admit I hated the style (not the music) like that and different because it doesn't come from yg it was written by charlie puth who then offered the music to Babymonster for forever I didn't know not that people don't already like the style or the music hasn't been released yet I want to say that even if it's kitsch I prefer it more than the style than the style she used to beat up (where we could say that the style is kitsch)


For once I totally agree with Korean internet users. It's true that babymonster they need fresh air and to change their concept which dates from 2013. Honestly, they have serious talent and everything but I don't know why, YG has an innate talent for ruining everything. He did the same thing with Blackpink. In the end the members of Blackpink weren't even singers who made content for their fans or what, they were really just billboards and their main source of income. And then we're surprised that the members all left YG. Well I'm sure they'll do the same thing with babymonster and ruin everything.

I loved

Don't worry, Baemon took literally 4 times less time to release a full album than Blackpink, their longest break without published music was 3 months while for Blackpink it was almost 3 years. So far YG treats fans a lot better than before and now the haters are the problem.

I much prefer that YG does what pleases the fans rather than the haters. We all remember, during Batter Up the blinks harassed Baemon then when they released something original with Stuck In The Middle they called it kistch, old-fashioned and “not YG”. They realize that it is impossible to please everyone and that the haters will remain in denial of Baemon's success and try to attack them on the aspects in which the group is poorest. Since they are amazing at singing, rapping and performing in general, they just find more reasons to hate them.
And explain to me exactly which song from 2013 has this style? Because it interests me XD


Well said I adore you

I loved

As a hardcore fan of the band I always look at the reviews everywhere and I admit that for Forever it's the first time that I see an article that says that their style is kistch. Since Like That he's actually quite popular.


It's well balanced, it's my favorite style, and ok, I've seen the magazine photos which aren't like that.


This is my favorite style too.


In itself that's not a bad thing. This will bring the 2010 style back into fashion XD

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