Viewers are disappointed with 'Queen of Tears' despite its huge success K-Selection
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Viewers are disappointed with 'Queen of Tears' despite its huge success

Discussions around the story of "Queen of Tears", which ended, continue to generate keen interest in online communities.

After episode 16 aired on April 28, tvN's popular Kdrama "Queen of Tears" finally came to an end. The Kdrama's happy ending, however, did not prevent it from receiving unfavorable reviews on the plot. It must be said that the first half of the Kdrama, from episode 1 to episode 12, was complimented by many viewers for its well-crafted plot, but they also complained about the excessive developments in the second half.

Known for directing several successful K-dramas, Park Ji-eun is also good at stories about independent, strong female characters rather than so-called “Cinderella” women, and “Queen of Tears” is no exception. . Some have questioned the choice of the male protagonist in the first 10 episodes of the Kdrama, which is however admissible due to the well-written story and the many emotions it arouses.

Viewers are disappointed with 'Queen of Tears' despite its huge success K-Selection

Certainly, this series takes up the old K-drama motif of the 2000s, namely an incurable illness, but “Queen of Tears” told it in a more innovative and interesting way. However, it was during episode 13 that the plot started to get very weird and many K-drama clichés were added in the last 4 episodes of the Kdrama, including memory loss, replacement of the second masculine role, reunion, sacrifice for loved ones, etc.

In reality, fans expected the ending to be grand for the main couple, which wasn't the case, because the author focused too much on portraying the villain Eun-sung. He was initially presented as a talented character who reached his position through hard work, before becoming, over the course of the story, obsessed with love. Eun-sung certainly committed crimes, but they weren't serious enough for viewers to not know whether to love or hate him. The character of Park Sung-hoon, despite his good interpretation, was the subject of much criticism.

Viewers are disappointed with 'Queen of Tears' despite its huge success K-Selection

Audiences were expecting a masterpiece when Kim Soo-hyun confirmed her appearance in “Queen of Tears,” her third project with screenwriter Park Ji-eun. The actor elicited laughter and tears from his fans in the first part of the series with his immersive acting. It was especially her crying scenes that went viral on social networks and sparked numerous debates.

By subsequently continuing to overdo it with Kim Soo-hyun's crying, the screenwriter made her tears insignificant. Indeed, viewers ended up getting tired of following the story by adding scenes where the actors cried and confessed their feelings on several occasions.

Viewers are disappointed with 'Queen of Tears' despite its huge success K-Selection

Ultimately, it was the actors' remarkable performances and the sweet chemistry between Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun that kept viewers watching "Queen of Tears" until the end.

What did you think of the ending of Queen of Tears?

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Nice drama, but the ending remains too banal. We should have seen a much more unique couple. I was left hungry. A bit disappointing.


I found this drama really good from the point of view of the story, the suspense and the acting of all the actors – I have been a fan of dramas for a very long time and this one really allowed me to relax. escape - I say bravo and congratulations


I agree with the facts mentioned. Too many shots added at the end and there was no need to take a bullet since the police were already there??

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