TWS overtook IU in the annual Melon rankings, Internet users suspect the K-Selection group
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TWS surpassed IU in Melon's annual rankings, netizens suspect the group

Netizens suspect TWS after their song surpassed IU's in the annual rankings of the music platform Melon.

On the evening of May 27, an article titled “Melon Annual Ranking Update, TWS No. 1 “Plot Twist”” was posted on a popular online community and garnered nearly 600 comments. According to the report, the number of listeners of TWS's "plot twist" surpassed that of IU's "Love Wins All" in the annual ranking of Korean music platform Melon, an unprecedented achievement for a group of beginner boys.

TWS overtook IU in the annual Melon rankings, Internet users suspect the K-Selection group

If this news sparked mocking reactions from most Internet users, who even accused them of manipulating the rankings, some still defended the group, affirming that "plot twist" was a good song, although it is only a minority. Below, you will find some comments from Internet users:

  • They scam people and pretend to be popular to gain popularity haha. They took first place and the grand prize without any hesitation. Aren't they ashamed in front of other singers who worked hard and legitimately?
  • Imagine if they won the end of year prizes and were proud of it... Completely dishonorable behavior..
  • Wow their agency is really great!~
  • I've listened to this song many times, but to beat IU is a bit of a stretch
  • Huh, it's still a nice song, I think the agency manipulated the rankings at the beginning to push it up and then people really started listening to it
  • 1st place in the annual ranking… it’s really shameless

TWS overtook IU in the annual Melon rankings, Internet users suspect the K-Selection group

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Damn, I pity the singers of this country where everything is a matter of suspicion and the relentlessness of social networks!!!


Let’s be honest… Is this surprising? Of course, but from there, to attack them directly… HYBE being in turmoil because of ranking manipulations, I would find it enormous if they did it again right at this time.
TWS were very, very popular when they first debuted and remained highly ranked for weeks.
Also, they just performed at Yonsei for university festivals. And if we add to that that they have just announced a comeback, it helps to put a song back into play.
Well, this is just my humble opinion...

We are one

Personally I don't listen to TWS too much so maybe they just have a lot of fans. I was also shocked when the Newjeans won against the Girls generation so well... we're also going to say that HYBE manipulated the numbers at that time?

Listening to them, no groups under this agency deserve anything without it being manipulation.

Kyungsoo's popcorn

UI and SNSD remain icons. The fact that NewJeans beat SNSD shocks me less than TWS which overtakes IU. After all NewJeans became a new icon while TWS debuted in the year… And Face a IU that few artists can boast of having surpassed. We have two extremes here which may seem suspicious. I'm not saying that manipulation took place, I'm simply saying that I can understand certain reactions


I see that Korean Internet users continue to target Hybe groups yet there are quite a few markets and businesses in the country, I say this and I am surprised because it is time for them to go and buy a brain and then we are surprised that the country no longer has children. What do you want to do when they shame you and even worse when they are adults so adults there are in these comments, in which case it would finally be time for them to grow up a little and make their children polite and not rude more lobotomized.

Kyungsoo's popcorn

The fact is that IU is truly the best of the best in Korea. It is not for nothing that she is “the little sister of the nation”. Love wins all, upon its release, and like almost all of its songs, brought together a huge number of people nationally and internationally. Plot twist, I'm less sure...
Now you have in the ranking IU who is the idol of idols and almost everyone. A singer who has been there for years, who is not from the Big 3 and who nevertheless brings together more than one country as a fanbase. On the other side you have TWS. A group that has just started. The public doesn't know him well enough. And suddenly you hear them overtaking IU. Comparing all of this, can you understand what is happening to Korean Internet users?

To give you an example in international K-pop: it's as if Riize suddenly became the top 1 in K-pop groups and artists listened to internationally, surpassing BTS and its members.

I put aside the MHJ and Hybe conflict but with everything that came out of this conflict also destroyed the reputation of the label, which adds a lot of weight against TWS because let's be optimistic and assume that there is no has not had any manipulation of the charts at all and that it is impossible. Anything we do not have confirmation of will not be used.

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