These Kdramas Adapted from Webtoons You Absolutely Need to Watch
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These Kdramas Adapted from Webtoons You Absolutely Need to Watch

Kdramas adapted from webtoons have long been fan favorites, and after the success of several series in previous years, fans have been able to enjoy them. Find some of the best Webtoon adaptations below that you absolutely must watch!

The web novel and webtoon "A Business Proposal" also called "The Office Blind Date" tells the story of an ordinary office worker who disguises herself and goes on a blind date with her boss at the her friend's place in an attempt to end this unwanted blind date of marriage. Ahn HyoSeop and Kim SeJeong play the main roles. The Kdrama is available on Netflix

drama tomorrow webtoon

The fantasy webtoon "Tomorrow" tells the story of Choi JunWoong who fell into a coma following an accident and entered the Afterlife Kingdom's special crisis management team. The Special Crisis Management Team was created because there were too many people who made an extreme choice leading to an unexpected situation in the underworld. Their duty is to take care of humans at high risk of suicide and make them want to live.

SF9's RoWoon, Kim HeeSun, Lee SooHyuk and Yoon JiOn were chosen to play the lead roles. The Kdrama is available on Netflix.

These Kdramas adapted from Webtoons that you absolutely must watch K-Selection

The webtoon “Island” is adapted into Kdrama OCN. It tells the story of monsters from Jeju Island who have long been looking for opportunities to get rid of the human world and began to target a rich heiress who arrived in Jeju Island. ASTRO's Kim NamGil, Lee DaHee, Cha EunWoo and Sung Joon are the protagonists. The Kdrama is available on Prime Video.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter bl 2022

HaeBom and Tae Seong grew up together as they lived under the same roof due to certain circumstances, but their dynamic began to change when they found themselves in the same class in high school. Ok JinWook and Kang Hui from Super Five perform the main roles.

These Kdramas adapted from Webtoons that you absolutely must watch K-Selection

The revenge webtoon “Again My Life” tells the story of Kim HeeWu, a hot-blooded prosecutor who lost his life and travels back in time after meeting the reaper. He is out to take revenge on a corrupt politician named Jo TaeSup. Lee JoonGi, Kim JiEun and Lee KyungYoung are the main actors. The drama is available on Netflix

Semantic Error

DONGKIZ's Park Seoham and Jaechan star in the BL "Semantic Error" based on the popular webtoon of the same title. Park Seoham plays the role of Jang Jaeyoung, a handsome young man with a model proportion, while Jaechan plays the role of Choo Sangwoo, a tough, strict and rule-abiding computer science student. While working on a liberal arts group project with some worthless ne'er-do-wells, Sang Woo reasonably decides to remove their names from the final presentation.

  • A Superior Day

These Kdramas adapted from Webtoons that you absolutely must watch K-Selection

The webtoon “Superior Day” is a thriller about an ordinary father who faces a situation where he has to eliminate a man next door to save his kidnapped daughter. Lee Ho Chul (Jin Goo) is an ordinary guy. He works as a firefighter and leads a simple but happy life. However, one fateful day, his world is turned upside down after the unexpected kidnapping of his daughter. As Lee Ho Chul searches for a way to find his child, a stranger informs him that the kidnapper is actually his neighbor, Kwon Si Woo (Lee Won Geun). Although Lee Ho Chul simply wants to search for his daughter, he suddenly finds himself involved in a confrontation. In just 24 hours, he must find his daughter.

  • No, Thank You season 2  

The webtoon “Daughter-in-Law” was adapted in 2020 into the web drama “No, Thank You” on Kakao TV. Season 2 was released in 2022. It tells what happens to ordinary daughter-in-law Min SaRin after meeting her in-laws.

  • Internal Medicine Director Park 

The humorous webtoon “Internal Medicine Director Park” tells the life of a doctor who dreamed of being recognized but his life is completely different. Lee SeoJin and Ra MiRan star in the Kdrama which aired on TvN.

all-of-us-are-dead-Lee Cheong-san
The series became the fourth South Korean series to top the non-English TV series category on Netflix's weekly rankings, with the top three being "Squid Game," "Hellbound" and "The Silent Sea."

“All of Us Are Dead” is a high school zombie thriller starring Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon and Yoo In Soo in the lead roles. Based on the Naver webtoon “Now at Our School” by Joo Dong Geun, the story follows a group of students trapped in their school during a zombie apocalypse. Their friendship and moral values ​​are at stake, as they fight to survive and come out alive against all odds.

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Yami Shino

There is also Dokgo (viki), The uncanny counter (netflix), Weak Hero…

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