The 2024 Yellow Coins Gala: Prices, Box Office, and more K-Sélection
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The 2024 Yellow Coins Gala: Prices, Box Office, and more

More information about this year's Yellow Pieces Gala featuring Lisa, Stray Kids, and other pop stars has been revealed.

The Accor Arena hosts the new and second edition of the Yellow Pieces Gala on Friday January 26, 2024. The line-up is made up of national and international artists, including Marron 5, J Balvin, Pharrell Williams, Stray Kids, Lisa des BLACKPINK, Gims and Gautier Capuçon. Last year, the event already welcomed Pharrell Williams, Gautier Capuçon and Gims, but also Mika, Angèle, BLACKPINK in full, Kid Cudi, Vianney and even Mentissa. The first edition of this concert event “The Gala of Yellow Pieces” brought together 7,3 million French viewers!

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  • The Yellow Coins Gala 2024: Date, location and presale

The Yellow Coins Gala will be held on January 26 at 20:00 p.m. at the Accor Arena, Paris.

The opening of the ticket office with the pre-sale of the Accor Arena set for Tuesday January 9, 2024 at 10 a.m. The presale will be on the Accor Arena website via Ticketmaster. It is therefore preferable to have an account on both platforms.

  • The Yellow Coins Gala 2024: Category, Prices and Plan

The 2024 Yellow Coins Gala: Prices, Box Office, and more K-Sélection

  • Category and price
  • Cat 1: 60 euros
  • Cat 2: 50 euros
  • Cat 3 (Standing pit): 40 euros
  • ** Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice
  • You can purchase up to 4 tickets per account
  • The sale will be exclusively online

The 2024 Yellow Coins Gala: Prices, Box Office, and more K-Sélection

  • The Yellow Pieces Gala 2024, the concert program
    Maroon 5
    J Balvin
    Pharrell Williams
    Stray Kids
    Lisa from BLACKPINK
    Gautier Capuçon
    Coming soon

For those absent, this Gala des Cadeaux jaunes concert will be filmed and broadcast on France 2 a few days later (date to be confirmed).

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Carole C

Just in case, with all the ticketing bugs I have 2 places to sell. They are ultimately not next to each other and as a result my daughter's friends who were supposed to come no longer come! So if you're looking for some...


Good morning! Your places are still for sale

Donia Bourguiba

I have a place for sale if you want, check out my email: [email protected]


Do you still sell them???

Donia Bourguiba

I have a place for sale in category 2 if you want: get my email: [email protected]


Hello, for information, where can you buy the ticket? Thank you so much


If you want me I have a ticket to sell


Hello, Do you still sell them?

Donia Bourguiba

Hello, I have a category 2 ticket for sale, here is my email: [email protected]


Hello could you tell me where I can buy tickets and especially if there are still any because I'm not local at all I come from 55 thank you


Everything is complete.


No there was a bug on the server to buy tickets you have to queue

Donia Bourguiba

Hello, I have a category 2 ticket for sale, here is my email: [email protected]



I can't buy tickets on the website


I too can't do it

Donia Bourguiba

Hello, I have a category 2 ticket for sale, here is my email: [email protected]


I can't buy tickets, how do I buy them?


I managed to get 2 places: one in the pit and one in the stands. Would there be anyone here who would exchange a pit seat for a bleacher seat or vice versa?


It’s boring there’s already more space

Donia Bourguiba

Hello, I have a category 2 ticket for sale, here is my email: [email protected]


Impossible to connect. hour of sale in the middle of the working day, well done for the organization.




I'm shocked at the low price!


In themselves the prices are reasonable but 20 p.m.?! And what's more, on a Wednesday?! I'm totally crying. They could have done it on a weekend, right?


But it's a Friday not a Wednesday


Ah yes I was wrong thank you anyway


You're welcome ^^


it's a Wednesday


No worries, don't worry, it's a Friday!


Good morning ! how long is the concert please does anyone know?


I think it should last between 2 and 3 hours


Very mixed opinion, on the one hand the money goes to a good cause of course, but precisely when we talk about a charity gala it is a bit against all the values ​​defended to make this evening inaccessible to a good number of people , it just makes the culture even more elitist and it is quite simply an exclusion of the less well-off people. It is not for nothing that the prices were initially low. Moreover, the international opening of the gala also proves it, it’s nonsense.
When we see people complaining about the fact that others are complaining about the prices being much higher than in previous years, saying that it's for a good cause, go ahead and don't hesitate to make a donation?? Not everyone has these means.


The place is cheaper than a concert or a day of festival when there are several groups. It’s actually not expensive for an event of this magnitude. Giving charity to others should be a selfless gesture. When you don't have money, you don't know how to give it to others. You have access to their songs all the time, so you have access to culture all the time. And don't come and tell me that it's for the yellow coins that you go there and not to see idols once again.


I hope the artists don't get paid


I'm so disgusted. They understood that kpop fans were going to snatch up the tickets, so they inflated the prices. I'm not a sucker, I'm very disappointed, I really dreamed of seeing them...
I prefer to save 80 euros and go see them in concert later.


It's clear, and then I think it's better to go to a real concert lasting at least 2 hours and pay the price than to pay 60€ to see them for 5 minutes :(


I was a pigeon I went to the music bank to see them for 15 minutes

I loved

At the same time I agree that it doesn't happen but that doesn't surprise me. Normally the money is entirely donated to the hospitals so at least it's for a good cause


Yes, but the goal was also basically, that everyone could come, that the prices were affordable…

I loved

I agree but at the same time seeing Kpop fans fighting for tickets it makes sense that they increased the prices. It doesn't happen but it's in their interest and it was to be expected

Iryna Kovalenko

But 50 euros is not expensive, I don't see the problem. To buy tickets this morning when sales opened there was a huge queue. 18000 people in front of me at 10:01 a.m. Finally I managed to buy them but not Cat1. It sold out quickly. Obviously it was affordable at the price level for thousands of people


I really want to go there!!!

Lisa(bp) my biasss

I hope you'll be able to ! ❤️

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