The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection
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The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing

SSERAFIM is facing a difficult situation due to a series of scandals.

The pants controversy

LE SSERAFIM released the trailer “Good Bones” for their third mini-album “EASY” on their official channel on January 26. In the video, the members paraded with confidence and freedom, but the pantsless fashion worn by Huh Yun-jin and Kim Chae-won in the video became controversial.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

Both members strolled down the street wearing cropped bikini tops and bottoms under padded sweaters. Some have expressed concerns that their revealing outfits could have an inappropriate impact on teenagers, their main consumer group. Others pointed out that the clothes, which showed off their curves, could leave a sensational impression on THE SSERAFIM.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

Taiwanese singer and actor Wayne Huang's inappropriate remarks

The group LE SSERAFIM faced inappropriate remarks during its participation in the Taiwanese program “2024 Super Star Special”, broadcast on January 27. After participating in the finale, the group took part in a tasting event with the team members of "2024 Super Star Special". It was there that Wayne Huang made sexual remarks when he saw the group eating sweet potato balls with a bamboo skewer. “I want to push them there”, did he declare.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

Facing intense criticism from both domestic and local audiences in Taiwan, Hwang apologized: “I certainly didn’t mean anything sexual.” I would like to apologize to any viewers who were uncomfortable with this comment. I will be more careful with my words. It was never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable. Thank you for your criticism and advice. I will definitely be more careful about what I say in the future. Once again, I'm so sorry. »

The dating rumor between Kazuha and K

On April 3, LE SSERAFIM member Kazuha was involved in a rumored romance with HYBE's Japanese localization group & TEAM member K.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

Japanese media outlet Shukan Bunshun claimed that Kazuha and K are in a relationship. Shukan Bunshun said the two started dating around summer 2022 after being friends for about a year, and broke up once after being caught at HYBE last summer, but they met again around the fall of last year.

Additionally, a photo showing the circumstances of the two visiting a luxury restaurant located in Ginza, Japan late in the afternoon on March 17 was also reported. However, Kazuha and K's agency, HYBE, denied the rumor. The outlet said it would publish additional photos in paid articles, but no further information was found on the published paid pages.

Live performance at Coachella

SSERAFIM was given the opportunity to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 13, sparking controversy over their poor live performance.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

They proudly took the stage and offered a high-level performance, but they were criticized for their unstable accuracy and their distorted vocal errors. During their second appearance on the Coachella stage on April 20, amid this harsh criticism, the volume of the augmented reality was so high that their live singing could not be heard.

During her press conference, Min Hee-jin spoke about SSERAFIM

SSERAFIM was mentioned in the civil war between HYBE and its affiliated label, ADOR, as well as its CEO Min Hee-jin.

The series of scandals that SSERAFIM is facing K-Sélection

Min held an emergency press conference with his legal representative in Seocho-gu, Seoul, on April 25. At this event, Min refuted claims that she planned to take control of ADOR's management rights and accused HYBE of launching LE SSERAFIM first instead of NewJeans as promised.

As the group receives a wave of hatred since their performance at Coachella which intensified with Min Hee Jin's statements that Bang Si-Hyuk did not want to debut Newjeans for LE SSERAFIM. Sourche Music has announced legal action against hateful commenters. Internet users shared that we should only criticize their “bad singing” and their “lack of talent” and stop writing personal comments about them as a person, or about their looks, so as not to harm their mental health .

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I would say that since the Kim scandal Garam Lesserafim got out of hand I find it sad because they worked hard but since Garam left I admit that I hate them a little but I just wish them rest because if it continues like this she's going to get destroyed


While it was she who took her time to start them because she didn't want them to be too rushed and she herself said in an interview at the beginning of 2022 that she wanted to start NJ in the third trimester. Then as some members of NJ were originally at Source music and she wanted them transferred to ADOR this slowed down the process even more while it took time to redo the contracts and send SM staff to ADOR.

Both groups are talented and I understand that strategically it was better to start SSERAFIM before NEWJEANS.
The problem at HYBE is this multi-label system. By putting them in competition against each other, they would have had to be all under the same label.


Not at all the only label currently in the sea…. it's LOVE everything else goes well together! It's just that MHJ has eyes bigger than her stomach and always wants more but she drags NJ in her wake to have more leverage against Hybe.


Poor people

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