The international ranking of NewJeans' new album "How Sweet" is disappointing K-Sélection
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The international ranking of NewJeans' new album "How Sweet" is disappointing

Things are especially tough on the international front for NewJeans, one of the best 4th generation girl groups right now. Despite their strong presence in Korea, their global numbers are on a downward trend.

On May 24, NewJeans made their comeback with “How Sweet”. This return coincided with a fierce battle between HYBE and Min Hee Jin. "How Sweet" consists of two tracks: the title track of the same name and the b-side "Bubble Gum", as well as instrumental versions, totaling four tracks.

The international ranking of NewJeans' new album "How Sweet" is disappointing K-Sélection

Despite the conflict between HYBE and Min Hee Jin, NewJeans continues to perform well in the domestic market, with "How Sweet" debuting at high positions on the Korean music charts. Yesterday, “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively on MelOn. Although they still maintain a strong presence in Korea, NewJeans' international performance has been rather disappointing this time around.

On the day of its debut, NewJeans barely made a name for itself on the American music charts. "How Sweet" only managed to peak at #46 on US iTunes, although it landed the top spot on iTunes in 11 countries and territories. On Spotify, "How Sweet" generated over 1,64 million streams in its first day, ranking at No. 118 on the global chart. This represents a significant setback from their last release, the "Get Up" EP, where four of the six tracks surpassed 2,4 million streams on their release day, setting a record for a girl group in the 4th generation.

The international ranking of NewJeans' new album "How Sweet" is disappointing K-Sélection

Remarkably, “How Sweet” dropped nearly 20 spots on Spotify. Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER's "Sheesh" continues to climb the charts despite being released almost two months ago.

The most concerning sign of NewJeans' international performance for "How Sweet" is the number of views on YouTube. The MV for “How Sweet” only managed to get over 4 million views on its release day. “How Sweet” even missed the view count achieved by B-side MV “Bubble Gum” in April, which garnered around 10 million views on its first day. As of May 27 at noon, “How Sweet” has just reached 7,5 million views, growing slowly.

In 2022, NewJeans debuted with two hits, “Attention” and “Hype Boy”. In just over 5 months, they debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Ditto", followed by "OMG" which topped all 4th generation idol records on Spotify in 2023. Their unprecedented success solidified NewJeans as the leading 4th generation girl group, achieving the "Perfect All-Kill" every comeback and fueling ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin's ambition for independence.

The international ranking of NewJeans' new album "How Sweet" is disappointing K-Sélection

Previously, debates raged around NewJeans' involvement in "payola" and "playlisting" tactics to boost their rankings on Spotify, with up to 800 playlists featuring their songs during the "Ditto" era. Fans speculated that HYBE or Min Hee Jin was working with Spotify to automatically stream NewJeans' music, regardless of user preferences.

On May 27, fans noticed that NewJeans' "How Sweet" music video was restricted on HYBE's channel on YouTube. Restricted mode, typically used in public places like schools and libraries, limits content deemed inappropriate for certain age groups. Fans accused HYBE of intentionally hindering NewJeans.

Experts on the platform cited inappropriate images in “How Sweet,” including a car accident scene and a cartoon pig with a bloody head. Additionally, this is sponsored content for a beverage brand boycotted by international fans, particularly in the Middle East. HYBE denied setting age limits for clip uploads, blaming the problem on YouTube's standards and requesting clarification from YouTube.

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NewsJeans can thank Mhj for sabotaging his own agency in order to buy the group at a low price! They had millions of views on YT but not enough sales.
At the moment they are at 9 million views..RM is in the 6 million…so HYBE would have sabotaged NewsJeans views?
If this were the case they would be below RM!! So…views but not enough sales…RM…less views but #1 iTunes in over 80 countries upon release!! That’s called a success!! Mhj can go cry in the conference room...


And the problem too is that they had so many hits before that it's difficult to do better now!


Stop accusing Mhj for everything and nothing just because she talked about BTS, certainly it was inappropriate on her part but we can't deny that she's doing a good job as CEO of Ador, don't not forgetting that it is thanks to her that until now the new jeans have had different concepts from other kpop groups and have managed to stand out thanks to that. Plus it's clear that the new jeans are comfortable with her, so instead of constantly harping on about how bad she is, at least try to see the situation from the new jeans point of view and clarify your judgment for what would be good for the group

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