Netflix's 'Goodbye Earth' Ending Explained + K-Selection Recap
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Netflix's 'Goodbye Earth' Ending Explained + Recap

After the broadcast of “Goodbye Earth” on Netflix, here is a recap of the 12th episode accompanied by an explanation of the ending!

  • “Goodbye Earth” Episode 12 Recap

Yun-Sang brings Father Baek to visit the church while the group is singing, he walks inside with everyone watching while he is delirious and unable to process time. His speech drags on until he is escorted home. The reporter, who only has 20 days left on earth, bids farewell to the people and leaves. Se-Kyung and Yun-Sang end up at home together and the latter starts writing things he doesn't want her to see. That's when she takes a look at the list of things he needs to accomplish before he dies and there's still a lot left to do.

While trying to starve themselves, Su-Dong and his wife realize that it is too difficult to achieve. Se-Kyung and Gye-Hyang then discuss the issue of having the children (Woo Chan and Hae Chan) adopted abroad, while being very worried about what might happen to them. Sé-Kyung later discusses it with In-A and Seon Ju who still suggests sending the children and asks In-A to put pressure on the higher-ups.

Netflix's 'Goodbye Earth' Ending Explained + K-Selection Recap

In-A does a check on the ammo and everything else and ends up leaving it in the hands of another soldier, allowing her to be formally discharged. She then comes to see Se-Kyung and tells him of her desire to be recognized for her true worth and to serve the interests of others. Despite their hug, Se-Kyung senses that something is wrong with her. Before he leaves, In-A gives Yun-Sang ammunition for his gun, asking him to protect his wife. She also says goodbye to her mother before leaving her. On the way to the embarkation port, Se-Kyung sees Sergeant Park handing drugs to a man and offering him to leave, on the condition that he takes three children.

Before leaving for good, Mi-Ryung and her husband close their store and offer part of what they have left to the church then greet them. For his part, Se-Kyung goes to his grandmother, Kim Bo-Ae, and tells her of his refusal to get married. After explaining to her that things would have turned out differently if she had killed her son, she begins to regret the past and begins to cry. That's when Se-Kyung goes to see the kids who have barricaded themselves and she realizes that Sergeant Kim is trying to convince one of the kids to come with him and take the other two. Despite instructions not to do anything drastic, she ends up grabbing the weapon that Yun-Sang has hidden and prepares to kill the sergeant.

During a dream, Yun-Sang finds himself in a forest, separated from Se-Kyung where a gap which separates him from her prevents him from jumping; It's when he wakes up that he realizes what she has done. So he fills his backpack with chemicals as well as tissue in the bottles, as if he were preparing a pipe bomb. He takes the bike while Se-Kyung goes inside and starts shooting people trying to traffic the kids. It was then during a direct confrontation that the man she was trying to kill drew his weapon.

Laughing and crying, EzoicYun-Sang bicycles to the same location, convinced that she has probably been shot and ready to wreak havoc. The earth is about to be hit by the asteroid.

Netflix's 'Goodbye Earth' Ending Explained + K-Selection Recap

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I loved it and yoo ah in which actor

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