Stray Kids to perform on stage at 2023 Billboard Music Awards
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Stray Kids will perform in Milan and London

Stray Kids has been chosen to headline the Italian I-Days festival in Milan, which will take place on July 12, and the British Summer Time (BST) Hyde Park festival in London, on July 14!

At the I-Days 2024 festival, the legendary group Metallica, American rapper Doja Cat and American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey will also be present. For the BST Hyde Park festival, the participation of a K-pop group will be a first since its launch in 2013. More information to come. Don't miss anything, follow us by activating notifications.

Stray Kids will perform in Milan and London

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There are already no more places...
Does anyone know where I could get places?
Because here it puts the sale over for me:


It is possible to have them on dream sites or on the event site via ticket


Just the title of the article made me happy!

Ha ha ha, other European countries now want their share of Skz! I'm happy about it but I prefer that they are more in France! The fan vibe with them is more intense!

So happy for my darlings, can't wait to see the images on YouTube (sniff sniff), it's always better than nothing.

Stray Kids World Domination!


And in France ?


Very good question. I hope there is a date or dates for this summer.


For the Italians and English to be pigeonholed the French have already been pigeonholed 3 times this year It's their turn, but jypapi seriously It's a shame to have them perform so much in Europe but only for festivals or galas. We want real fucking conrt!!!


But it really upsets me because I didn't have a place for the gala of the yellow pieces knowing when the longer their game lasts really ps long jypapi it breaks my head to make them do only galas


I think that when you have the opportunity to see them even for two or three songs in a festival or a gala, it's already great. But it's also true that a whole concert just SKZ would be great.


Petition! Let's hope that our combined efforts will eventually pay off and that there will finally be a full concert in France.

That day, I'll die.


Very good! Plus I'm going on vacation to London at the moment! I've wanted to see skz and Doja cat for too long and I'm finally going to be able to see them!



Have a blast and please come and share your incredible experience with us!


Too happy. Stay with us networks. For those who will not be able to participate, let's support our babies on the networks.


Better twice than once!



I'm so proud of them!!!

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