SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat
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SEVENTEEN silences accusations of 'fake popularity' with remarkable feat

The group SEVENTEEN, after being accused of having “fake popularity” and fake sales, is making history with their latest move.

SEVENTEEN's popularity has skyrocketed since the release of their 10th mini album, *FML*, in April 2023, with physical album sales reaching up to 6,2 million copies. This success led SEVENTEEN to release their 11th mini-album, *Seventeenth Heaven*, in October 2023, setting a new record with 5 million copies sold in the first week. These two explosive comebacks allowed the 13-member group to become the group of artists who sold the most albums in the world in 2023, as revealed by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat

Debuting in 2015, SEVENTEEN has been growing slowly but surely as the members started from a small business and struggled to find a place in the competitive K-pop market.

Their agency Pledis was later acquired by HYBE Corporation in 2020, making SEVENTEEN part of Bang Si-hyuk's conglomerate. The boy group then made their comeback at the end of April 2024 with the top album: “17 Is Right Here” and the track “Maestro”, reaching 3 million copies sold in the first week. SEVENTEEN, however, finds itself caught in the crossfire due to the simultaneous controversy involving HYBE and Min Hee-jin.

SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat

The conflict between HYBE and Min Hee-jin has notably shed light on many dark aspects of the K-pop industry, including issues of plagiarism, copying and manipulation of exploits. It is worth noting that Min Hee-jin accused HYBE of "sales manipulation" (a form of manipulation aimed at increasing album sales), which gave rise to widespread speculation about the true exploits of HYBE artists , including SEVENTEEN, which Korean netizens say is a group that isn't really known locally.

This situation has led many people to suspect SEVENTEEN of being involved in "sales manipulation" and to question the group's status as a boy group that has sold millions of copies. Anti fans continually attacked the 13 members on various K-pop forums, hypothesizing that SEVENTEEN cheated on their popularity and sales. According to them, SEVENTEEN's streaming performance does not match the album's sales, so the latter are likely manipulated.

SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat

In a viral message accusing SEVENTEEN of manipulating the sales of their albums, one could read “ With that kind of influence, they (SEVENTEEN) would be number one on the Billboard 200 and could tour the world in stadiums. There is no way they would sell that many albums just in Asia. How can SEVENTEEN sell as much as Taylor Swift in Western countries? It's surprising that a group like SEVENTEEN can sell so much when they haven't reached the level of popularity of EXO, BTS or Wanna One"

Some have even gone to the trouble of compiling statistics showing the disparity between album sales and streaming figures to highlight the suspect aspects of SEVENTEEN's million-dollar sales. The group's popularity was further questioned by anti-fans, who claimed that SEVENTEEN used a "fake popularity" strategy by leveraging HYBE's media presence and inflating the numbers. sales without being really popular.

SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat

Faced with these challenges to its popularity, SEVENTEEN had a unique response that silenced the anti-fans. Indeed, the group recently gave two evenings of concerts at Nissan Stadium in Japan, becoming the second K-pop group in history, after the legendary TVXQ, to perform in this stadium with a capacity of 72000 spectators. and known as the “dream stage” for all Asian stars.

What's more, the group achieved this record on the same day as the anniversary of its first 9 concerts. Fans were overcome with pride to see the 70000 seats filled, with no empty seats including in restricted areas during the two concert evenings at Nissan. The sea of ​​Carat Bongs (SEVENTEEN's glow sticks) with blue and pink lights shining in Nissan Stadium was an unforgettable moment in SEVENTEEN's nine-year history.

Another thing that surprised people was the speed at which SEVENTEEN concert tickets sold out. Indeed, the last two major concerts were sold out, including in restricted areas of Nissan, and yet the number of tickets was still not sufficient for all the fans. Around 20 people were still looking for tickets on Japanese ticketing sites after the sold-out concert, proving that SEVENTEEN's fandom continues to grow, especially in major markets Korea, China and Japan.

SEVENTEEN Silences Accusations of “Fake Popularity” With Remarkable K-Selection Feat

It was with the last two evenings at Nissan that SEVENTEEN officially concluded its Asian Follow tour, totaling 28 concerts. At the end of the last four performances in Japan, the Follow tour should reach one million spectators, with revenues exceeding 100 million dollars, which is considerable for a tour which only concerns a single continent.

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K-pop curious

You can't judge a band's global popularity based solely on their own country. Some artists are very popular locally but struggle to make themselves known beyond their borders. Others are popular abroad but discredited in their own country etc.

You have to know how to stay humble!

Congratulations to this group for lasting almost 10 years in this industry~

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