Revisit BTS' Hilarious Moments of Losing Things as RM's LOST Releases
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Revisit Hilarious Moments of BTS Losing Things on RM's LOST Release

Seoul, May 24, 2024 – BTS leader and Grammy-nominated artist Kim Namjoon released second solo album today at 13 p.m. (KST). On May 23, he unveiled the official teaser for his second title “LOST!” » from his upcoming album, which explores the genre of alternative music.

With fans' growing excitement for this new release, memories of the group's hilarious and adorable moments are flooding back. BTS, the K-pop giant under HYBE, is known for its travel show “Bon Voyage,” which has four seasons. In the first season, during their trip to Northern Europe, the group lost Taehyung, giving rise to some memorable situations.

For over a decade, BTS's journey to stardom has been peppered with amusing anecdotes. Among them, Namjoon confessed during a Weverse live in 2019 to having lost more than 34 Apple AirPods.

Revisit Hilarious Moments of BTS Losing Things on the Release of RM K-Sélection's LOST

Some fans tweeted: “Joon lost his 34th AirPods, wonder how much that number has increased since then 😭”

Seasons of BTS Bon Voyage:

– **Season 1: Northern Europe**, released July 15, 2016

– **Season 2: Hawaii**, released June 27, 2017

– **Season 3: Malta**, released September 18, 2018

– **Season 4: New Zealand**, released November 19, 2019

A tweet: “I started watching the first season of Bon Voyage again and omg what chaos. They literally lost everything! Suitcases, bags, tickets, phones, passports, even Taehyung!! It's a miracle they all made it home in one piece. 😂 »

A look back at iconic moments of BTS being “LOST!” »

In season 1 of “Bon Voyage,” the group lost Taehyung in Northern Europe. Namjoon called Jin to tell him that Jimin had lost his bag, adding that Taehyung had gotten separated from the group and was lost as well. A carefree Taehyung was seen foraging for four-leaf clovers and relaxing in the Swedish meadows, while the other members and staff tried to find him.

This first season also saw Jimin lose his bags twice and almost lose his iPad. Suga lost his 11-inch Apple iPad in Finland, but the item was later recovered. Jungkook had it in his possession the whole time but forgot about it. J-Hope also lost the cable car tickets in episode 2, adding even more humor to the season.

Namjoon, aka RM, lost his passport midway through season 1 while traveling from Sweden to Finland, forcing him to return to South Korea immediately, interrupting filming.

Some tweets say, “My favorite part of Bon Voyage 1 was when Taehyung got lost, but he was so carefree and enjoying the moment, all smiles. A cloud of happiness. »

In New Zealand, in season 3, Jungkook misplaced his new shoes the day after buying them. Although they were found, his groupmates mocked him, asking if they had fallen overboard.

Outside of “Bon Voyage,” BTS is known for their giddiness. It was reported that Jungkook forgot a gift given by Jin in Dubai. Jin had given Jungkook a nice light, which the latter accidentally left behind.

Fans can purchase and watch seasons 1-4 of “BTS Bon Voyage” on the international portal Weverse and watch episodes on the official BANGTANTV channel on YouTube for free.

Revisit Hilarious Moments of BTS Losing Things on the Release of RM K-Sélection's LOST

Currently, BTS members are serving their mandatory service in South Korea and will resume group activities at the end of 2025. Are you also excited?

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