JYP founder Park Jin-young: 'I won't acquire companies even with as much money as HYBE'

On May 27, a topic about Park Jin-young, founder of JYP, was posted on a popular Korean community, attracting over 60 views and 000 comments in just a few hours.

During a live broadcast on the "Syuka World Comics" channel, the host mentioned HYBE's continued acquisitions of subsidiaries, to which Park Jin-young expressed his views.

Park Jin-young, founder of JYP: "I won't acquire companies even with as much money as HYBE" K-Selection

" I can not do that. Even with as much money as HYBE, I don't think I would acquire other companies," Park Jin-young said, adding, "It's been 26 years since I founded the company in 1997. During these For 26 years, what I have focused on most is creating a company culture. I want the company to be a healthy environment where artists and employees can support each other and work as equals. »

The JYP founder also asserted, “We do not engage in anything illegal while developing our personal relationships in a healthy manner. I have worked very hard to create this culture for the company. Different companies will have different cultures. If we merge with a company that has a completely different culture, problems will arise between the companies. Company culture is very important to us. »

Park Jin-young, founder of JYP: "I won't acquire companies even with as much money as HYBE" K-Selection

After reading Park Jin-young's review, many netizens praised JYP and criticized HYBE. Here are some comments from Korean netizens:

– “All businesses should learn this. »

  • When you see all the trouble that HYBE has been going through since they ventured to the United States

– “JYP is truly amazing… The entertainment industry used to be so healthy…”

– “Meanwhile, the whole philosophy of HYBE is just money, money, money. »

– “Compared to the founders of the original 'Big 3' who are all singers, HYBE is greedy because its CEO comes from a gaming/IT background. »

– “Really, how can Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk even be close ㅋㅋㅋ. »

– “Looking at the video, Park Jin-young has an affection for K-pop like no one else. »

What do you think ?


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Sandy cabbage

I wouldn't point the finger at JYP because KPop remains a competitive environment, even if the idols are friends, that doesn't exclude the battle taking place in the background between their different agencies, so I see this dig at HYBE by JYP as a simple banality especially since everyone in the industry knows it the fact that HYBE is made up of so many other agencies are its weakness but also its strength so they will not fall because of that frankly there is no point in demonizing this response from JYP which is that of a competitor to another is

I loved

Yes it's a nice waste for Hybe but at the same time it's the agency that competes with them the most (Katseye VS Vcha, Nmixx VS Le Sserafim for example) so can we really blame him?

I really think JYP is a good CEO, send me a video with Seventeen or Ill-It making fun of BSH. Or Yang Hyun-Suk's BabyMonster/Treasure, yet Stray Kids or Twice like to tease their CEO, and that's quite unique. So I don't think he's lying about that and that in JYP Entertainment there is really a good working climate.


It's true that you are the perfect agency with your ten thousand problems

K-pop curious

And it's another lost ball for HYBE.. At the moment, it doesn't stop!

That being said, I quite agree with the positioning. Corporate culture can play a fairly important role: merging labels with different cultures can quickly become an ordeal or even a nightmare for both management and employees.

Totally agree with this great character Yop

Jyp a huge entrepreneur exceptional singer and dancer very respectful intelligence did not give to everyone


This guy has no shame! "I won't do anything dishonest" However, he was one of the 3 "big guys" who tried to sabotage BTS for several years!!...I read a report a few months ago saying that he was rather "megalo" and that a lot fear him in his business because he is very moody so his opinion for me has no value….Bang Sy Hyuk is a visionary and he brought Kpop beyond Korean borders…Of course thanks to BTS…but he is the one who chose them and allowed them to use their abilities unlike other agencies who locked out the "idols" at that time..Big hit demonstrated that another path was possible and got lynched for it...now that BTS has paved the way...the other agencies benefit from it...and if HYBE continues to invest it is because there are considerable stakes for the future of the kop and above all...by becoming a "conglomerate" HYBE and the sub labels will be out of reach of shabby attacks like Bang Si Hyuk experienced in his early days
There will always be “hiccups” like Mhj
But it's a lesson that HYBE is not ready to forget...the conditions of the new CEOs will be better structured to prevent this from happening again!!
JYP will never share his power because he is the only “master” on board…the future will tell us if the “dinosaurs” will survive or disappear!!


Why always want to bring everything back to BTS


HYBE brought kpop beyond “Korean” borders..you may not agree with JYP’s comments..but it would be better to avoid rewriting history as it suits you…
And criticism of HYBE's strategy of collecting different labels had been criticized since before the scandal

Momo Land

Hybe may have opened up kpop internationally. But it is also the company that is destroying it. Just that this agency is destroying vocal standards, is it time??
Frankly, I quite agree with JYP.


Everything has to agree with you
Leave the bitter people in the comments to say whoever they want, we know the truth

Momo Land

I just see you everywhere in the comments. But how old are you? I really ask myself this question.
Your mentality is: I think that therefore it’s true. Ok I understand that bts is your favorite group but they are not gods anyway. No, it's not because hybe is the bts agency that it's the best and that it's necessarily right. Plus you can't even deny that this company is less and less qualitative.


I am in all the comments what does it matter to you my age I may be 100 years old or 5 years old who knows
I never considered bts as gods I only have one god and that is ALLAH
I am aware that hybe are except angels
I just can't stand bitter people like
you wait for you to give your point of view so that they start buzzing like bees just because they don't agree with you when basically you don't care about them instead of attacking people who give their comments try to give your own comment related to the article preferably

Momo Land

I respond to comments because I disagree with the person's life and to attempt a respectful debate to exchange our ideas. But it’s definitely not very respectful given that the first instinct of some people is to treat people who don’t have the same opinions as them as “bitter”.
In addition, yes it bothers me to talk with immature people because the latter have an unfortunate tendency to have no critical spirit and only protect their group or the lamb of their favorite group even if the latter is at fault .
Finally, you say that HYBE are not angels while you agree with a comment that praises this agency so….


So for you I have to spend my life seeing the bad side of hybe they are not angels but also not demons so if I agree with this comment what is the problem
you say I'm disrespectful what does that change you know me? No
You coming to call me immature in the end does that differentiate you from me? I'm not going to debate which one is respectful or not
If for you it's not agri people who always extend an opportunity to go down hybe but when they are not at fault we don't speak the same language
I defend who I want you defend well jyp did I go and tell you no but don't defend him NO
You say you see me everywhere making comments I can say the same things about you who spends his time barking at my comments

Momo Land

Ok first excuse me for calling you immature.
But still yes I see the bad side of things because although there is a good side hybe also has a very bad side.
Look she prefers she produces too much music and hires talentless idols. And she overworks her groups.
So when there is too much of a bad side of things YES We have to start reacting.


Forgive me too for calling you bitter

And this is the side of hybe that everyone hates including me on the other hand they have also done good things not everything is bad and not only hybe the other agents are also blameworthy and yet when we speak well of them no one says anything on the other hand when it's HYBE we are asked all the time to talk badly about them


I read the comments but without wanting to offend you who wanted to know which god you believe in there is nothing to do with the Hybe affair as far as I know but what does the word “bitter” mean to you. Choose your words carefully before criticizing others for their way of thinking. Everyone has his opinion


And what you are doing here is not criticizing others if I want to talk about the god I believe in, what can that do to you?
Did I ring your bell No
if the person with whom I am discussing believes that I take idols for gods I am within my rights to answer him why attack me
I clearly said who are the people I take for bitter, if you were so eager to want to criticize me you had to read what I wrote
I return your own words to you: “Choose your words carefully before criticizing others for their way of thinking. Everyone has his opinion "

I loved

BTS is very far from having opened Korean borders. They popularized K-pop in the West, but already during the 2nd generation, everyone knew K-pop from afar (BigBang or Girls Generation). It was considered weird but it was known.


I feel like he's taking advantage of the situation a little. He is clearly taking jabs at Hybe. I would translate what he said as: Hybe only thinks about money, but for me the most important thing is music, so turn your back on Hybe and instead come and listen to music at my place because I I don't do anything

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