The richest female Kpop stars in 2021

Currently, many Korean artists own a huge fortune thanks to their successful careers and natural talent in music, many female idols are becoming not only famous but also rich. The media SMC Post has just shared the list of the 7 richest female K-pop artists in 2021.

Particularly, Lisa gained attention for having a net worth of 14 million USD after only 5 years since her debut!

Check out the richest female Kpop stars in 2021 below!

1. UI – Net worth estimated between 31 and 45 million USD
2. Lee Hyori – Estimated net worth between 30 and 40 million USD
3. Dara (2NE1) – Estimated Net Worth of USD 30 Million
4. BoA – Net worth estimated at >25 million USD
5. Suzy – Estimated net worth >25 million < USD
6. YoonA (Girls'Generation) – Estimated net worth <25 million USD.
7. Lisa (BLACKPINK) Net worth estimated at 14 million USD

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