LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection
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LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's comeback

South Korean girl group LOONA released a teaser on Sunday, December 11, announcing a comeback on January 3. This will be their first performance without Chuu, who was allegedly expelled for “violent language and abuse of power” towards staff as a reason.

LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection

Next, de many people came to Chuu's defense. The latter left a message to thank fans and professionals for their support.

LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection

Previously, various media outlets reported that LOONA would make a comeback with 10 members, this did not turn out to be true. The agency's announcement later confirmed that all 11 current LOONA members would be making a return.

LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection

On the other hand, on November 29, nine members of LOONA reportedly filed an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative, due to the trust between the agency and the members being ruined. However, the label later stated that the rumors were not true.

LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection

Despite their statement, however, the members who allegedly filed the injunction have been notably quiet on social media, with only Hyunjin and ViVi — the two members not included in the injunction rumors — being active this month.

Fans generally greet the comeback news with enthusiasm but on December 5, the LOONA Union fanclub released an open letter to BlockBerry Creative demanding a formal explanation regarding said issues until the end of December 7 or else they will stage a boycott. The agency has not publicly responded to the letter, except for revealing its plans for a LOONA return, oddly enough, on December 7.

LOONA fans, also known as Orbits, are therefore reacting differently this time: they are organizing a boycott.

“The purpose of the boycott is to protest the mistreatment of LOONA by BlockBerry Creative (LOONA's agency), to show solidarity with members, and to warn potential business partners of BlockBerry Creative about the risks facing they face while working with them,” said LOONA Union.

loona concert paris france

“The Strike Team will continue to boycott until the accusatory statements against Chuu are retracted, an apology is issued for past mistreatment, and LOONA members are given the opportunity to terminate their contract if they wish.” ", added LOONA Union.

Loona will perform their first concert in France in September

And it seems this boycott is working. Their new album, The Origin Album: 0, reportedly saw a significant decrease in the number of pre-sales compared to their previous album, going from around 3400 copies to just a dozen.

LOONA fans successfully boycott the group's return K-Sélection

Fans and internet users reacted to this on online communities. Among the most liked comments, we can read:

  • “Part of this boycott of course comes from Chuu’s situation. But supporting this return also means actively providing funding to a company that will be involved in legal proceedings against the girls. By purchasing these albums, we could actively empower the BBC to win the legal battle. So I'm not surprised so far that most orbits are continuing (the boycott). »
  • “Since the girls don't appear to be getting paid anyway, cutting BBC funding for their legal battles is an absolute victory. »
  • “It’s insane that this is even an issue, BBC really has the nerve to release an album under these circumstances. I hope the girls are okay once this is over. »
  • “It’s cool to see!” I wonder how BBC will respond and the rest of the story will unfold. »
  • “I wonder how stores are reacting to this. Because whoever is in charge of ordering inventory will look at previous sales to get a good idea of ​​how much they need to stock. But if they know about the boycott, they may need to rethink things. »
  • “I know some stores choose not to stock the album to defend chuu/loona, so there you go”

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1 year ago

Taiyou bosses who don't put the album on sale I hope other stores will do the same.

1 year ago

Wasting time and money for nothing...

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