KOCCA opens investigation into alleged manipulation of BTS rankings by HYBE K-Sélection
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KOCCA Opens Investigation into HYBE's Alleged Manipulation of BTS Rankings

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, has opened an investigation into alleged ranking manipulation of BTS's music. Indeed, KOCCA's Center for Equitable Coexistence for Music, which handles reports of ranking manipulation, confirmed on May 21 KST that it was investigating complaints related to BTS.

As a reminder, complaints regarding ranking manipulation involving BTS were filed with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which then transferred them to KOCCA which in turn plans to investigate this matter by asking HYBE to explain these complaints.

KOCCA opens investigation into alleged manipulation of BTS rankings by HYBE K-Sélection

It should be noted that if the KOCCA Center for Equitable Coexistence for Music conducts an investigation into the manipulation of the ranking, it has the right to request data from music service providers and submit reports to the ministry. culture, sports and tourism, after examination by the advisory committee. As they can also seek cooperation from the judiciary or investigative agencies if necessary, it can be expected that complaints relating to BTS will be subject to this procedural process.

According to one industry insider, who has previously reported cases of chart manipulation, "The phrase 'music chart manipulation' itself is misleading, because whether we're talking about physical albums or digital music, we obviously speaks of “manipulation of music charts”. It remains to be seen whether KOCCA and its subordinate agencies will conduct a proper investigation into the manipulation of music charts, given their close ties to music streaming platforms.”

KOCCA opens investigation into alleged manipulation of BTS rankings by HYBE K-Sélection

Allegations of music chart manipulation involving BTS have also been vehemently denied by HYBE and its subsidiary, Big Hit Music, said: “ Accusations of ranking manipulation, marketing manipulation, concept plagiarism, cult ties, and other such allegations that tarnish BTS' reputation are false. We have clarified several times that there was no such activity“, which suggests legal action.

HYBE also refuted HYBE subsidiary CEO Min Hee Jin's allegations regarding "album hoarding" by saying, " We do not engage in so-called “album storage.” Time and time again we have explained that this practice does not exist and that in reality HYBE does not engage in stockpiling in an effort to compete with first week sales."

KOCCA opens investigation into alleged manipulation of BTS rankings by HYBE K-Sélection

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To the Armys in the comms, I can understand your salt because your fav is being accused of cheating. But one, that does not contradict the years of work that they have provided, two, an investigation is opened following complaints so no, KOCCA cannot investigate all the groups that pass if they only had the means, of three put yourself for three seconds in the place of the people at the time of the peak of popularity of BTS, it is a group which literally comes out of nowhere and which explodes like a flower all the big names of this period, if the same thing happened to BTS what would you think?


In my opinion, although I am neither a fan of NJ or BTS, KOCCA should investigate Min Hee Jin or HYBE more


Personally I don't believe it at all, but I'm waiting for the BTS group's opinion on this controversy.


Really it's disappointing of them to wrongly accuse our BTS, they fought to get there, may God protect them against these evildoers. army forever

Karine army

The army will not let go of BTS. BTS ARMY is a big family. Our love for BTS is indescribable. He deserves their success.

Karine army

It's unacceptable to drag BTS through the mud like they do out of jealousy of their popularity. You can say what you want BTS deserves and you won't get people to turn their backs on them.

A camel

It is nonsense. Let him go. I can't believe some Koreans who are being manipulated by this MHJ. If they have to investigate BTS they might as well investigate Newjeans and all the other groups. And to think that all this is happening because of a certain group and which also supports this manipulator.


Yes a shame They are not there to defend themselves shame they have a talent and they work hard to get there where they are leave them alone. As an icon of Korea, if one day BTS comes to France and has stayed, they will be welcome because France is behind its boys


Well said come gentlemen, we accept you with great pleasure in France.


So leave BTS alone, they deserved their success, they work hard and give everything they have on stage for their audiences to the point of exhaustion, I am very proud to support them and I am waiting for their return in 2025


Me too, courage bts, we are here for you too. the rest is not important.

The law

Leave BTS alone, it's shameful as by chance they are in military service. They will come back. Rather, the state has an interest in protecting them; they are icons that represent Korea.


ARMY always has its eyes firmly closed


And the haters never miss an opportunity to try to take them down. Rather than picking on them, do things correctly to win prizes for your favorites. But you can't spew your venom and move for your groups. So leave BTS and ARMYS alone.


What surprises me is that the moment where Mhj and his henchmen accuse Hybe of manipulating charts for BTS against groups like exo, big-bang. Hybe was literally POOR! Now by what magic they could have competed with big agencies like YG and Exo I wonder.


No but you are seriously ashamed of that with all the work put in during
years it's today that you're going to check that shame army forever BTS forever

Laidet Marie-Christine

Incredible, they will be able to do their military service peacefully, it's still strong to call into question 10 years of hard work. Don't worry, boys, Army will always have your back. We look forward to seeing you again. Borahae


Let them investigate and be ashamed of it afterwards. What a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites. Whatever you do or say BTS is bigger than you.
When it was necessary to use them you were the first and now like the whole MIJ clique, the parents and the NJ you want to spit on them!! Go ahead, you know the saying: the toad's slime doesn't reach the White Dove. Hybe, don't respond to fools, haters, greedy people and ungrateful people. Let justice take place


This story is starting to get really tiring. Is it so impossible that guys who worked hard could have such success? As long as KOCCA just has to investigate all K-pop groups at least there we would see a semblance of justice. BTS doesn't need this. You can investigate but regardless it won't take away from everything they have brought to millions of people. ARMYs will always be there for the boys.


Hello, we can only open an investigation on a complaint. Therefore, investigating all groups would not be a “semblance of justice” but the opposite. That would go beyond the rights of the judiciary. In the case of BTS, doubts are indeed legitimate given their significant peak of popularity without reason in the charts, we are not talking about a linear progression. Afterwards we must also understand for some Army that it is not the members of BTS who are directly attacked by this investigation but the agency. And indeed HYBE is a shit agency corrupt to the core.
If the allegations prove to be founded, this will not call into question the affection that the fans have for the members nor the quality of their work in your eyes, but it would be normal to expect a public apology as well as sanctions for the agency.


I would like to send them an email to tell them to investigate the other groups why still bts when they arrived there thanks to their talent but impossible to find the contact details of the kocca


i think we should leave bts out of this it's because of people like min that everything is going bad if she's jealous she's leaving and she stops

K-pop curious

Since KOCCA was contacted by anti-BTS following MHJ's allegations about Hybe and this possibly leads to an investigation...I suppose ARMYs can contact KOCCA to file complaints against all HYBE groups.
At least there will be some semblance of justice.

Now, is it low to act like this? Yes.
And I am sure that the members of the group would not appreciate such actions


BTS doesn't need to manipulate anything! They got to the top thanks to their talent, hard work and their unwavering fans! BTS has the biggest fan dome in the world and they deserve it!
They are an example for millions of people across the planet! They have largely contributed to the recovery of South Korea's economy. Currently, they are setting an example by serving their country although in terms of prestige they have brought in more than any gold medal winning athlete. And despite this, we are trying to tarnish their image!!! It is shameful !! Army knows what BTS is worth and she will always be by their side!!


It's jealousy. They take advantage of it because they are not there to defend themselves. Shame on these people. BTS are worth way more than they are.

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