The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection
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Jang Ki Yong's 5 Best K-dramas

With his hair disheveled, he hides under a hoodie and takes refuge in his home, his face expressionless. It's about Bok Goo Joo, a man who can travel through time but fails to save anyone in crucial moments; he is also a man who lost his superpowers on JTBC's The Atypical Family. Returning to the small screen after three years, Jang Ki Yong captivates viewers with his new dark look. Discover five notable Kdramas from Jang Ki Yong, who started his career as a model and gradually established himself as an actor.

  • Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021~2022)

The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection

Set against the backdrop of the glamorous fashion industry, Now, We Are Breaking Up tells the story of a love that blossoms from a one-night stand between two strangers, including Yoon Jae Guk played by Jang Ki Yong, a romantic and free-spirited photographer and Ha Young Eun played by Song Hye Kyo, the head of the design team of a fashion company. The two actors have shown palpable chemistry throughout the Kdrama, and their friendship off-screen has garnered a lot of attention. By looking into the lives of professional women, exploring their work, love and friendships, the series has resonated with audiences both nationally and internationally.

While Jang Ki Yong once again captured hearts as a charming young male lead, his departure from the K-drama scene for military service left a void to fill.

  • My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection

In the romantic Kdrama My Roommate is a Gumiho, we follow the story of Shin Woo Yeo played by Jang Ki Yong, a 999-year-old fox spirit, and Lee Dam played by Hyeri, a 19-year-old young woman, who are forced to live together under the same roof. It is in the role of the gumiho, a mythical creature of stunning beauty known to enchant humans, that Jang Ki Yong enters the scene. Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, the Kdrama deals with the fascinating theme of a gumiho's pearl, which holds the key to the gumiho's ultimate transformation into a human, and which ends up in the mouth of a human. It is this unexpected turn of events that is the origin of their unusual way of life.

With their fantastic chemistry, Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri captivate audiences with the budding romance between the age-old, strong-willed gumiho and the spirited human who has never been on a date in her life. Not only was their on-screen chemistry so palpable that it extended beyond the Kdrama, but their couple photos also sparked a lot of interest from fans.

  • Search: WWW (2019)

The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection

In Search: WWW, viewers are immersed in the fast-paced world of a leading website, focusing on the powerful women who keep it running. In this dynamic environment, we find Jang Ki Yong as Park Mo Gun, a game music composer who was adopted at a young age and raised in a loving environment. Mo Gun dreams of building his own harmonious family and he sets his sights on Bae Ta Mi (Lim Soo Jung). Despite being ten years younger than Ta Mi, a single woman who has given up on marriage, Mo Gun throws himself headlong into the latter's charm.

With his persistent charm, he keeps things exciting, but he also knows how to show maturity when necessary. Her attractive physique and captivating performance also allowed her to steal the show, even against seasoned actresses.

  • My Mister (2018)

The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection

A rare work in the filmography in which Jang Ki Yong plays a villain, My Mister is a Kdrama that tells the story of three brothers who struggle with life's difficulties as well as how they come to heal each other. It is in the role of Lee Kwang Il, a loan shark who harasses IU's character, Lee Ji An, that Jang Ki Yong appears. Kwang Il not only tries to steal Ji An's money, but also to control his relationships with the three brothers around him. He plays the role of a villain who resorts to violence and threats, which adds tension to the Kdrama throughout the story.

During his appearance on a YouTube show called Salon Drip with Chun Woo Hee, Jang Ki Yong recently revealed that people told him he was "scary" and "intimidating" after his role in My Mister.

  • Go back Couple

The 5 best K-dramas of Jang Ki Yong K-Selection

It was in Go Back Couple, a series centered on a married couple in their thirties, Ma Jin Joo (Jang Nara) and Choi Ban Do (Son Ho Jun), on the verge of divorce that Jang Ki Yong was able to free himself from the image of “model turned actor”. As they decide to end their union and take off their wedding rings, a strange twist of fate sends them back to their student days. It is by reliving their youth that they rediscover the importance of a bond that they once took for granted. It is in the role of Jung Nam Gil, a star lecturer with seemingly perfect looks and background that Jang Ki Yong enters the scene.

The latter is Jin Joo's friend from college, and although she does not share his romantic feelings, he remains a constant source of silent support for her when life throws surprises at her. Jang Ki Yong masterfully captures Nam Gil's charm, hinting at the warmth beneath the surface with his calm yet romantic gaze.

Editor Seo Hayne says: “I like the actors because they carry out their actions faithfully throughout their performance. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage in 3 minutes. »

In which Kdrama did you like Jang Ki Yong the most?

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