“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection
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“It needs to be done before BTS comes back” Hard-hitting leaked messages from ADOR appear to confirm HYBE’s accusations

Shocking new messages allegedly exchanged between ADOR executives are going viral. On May 27, TV Daily claimed to have received text messages between Min Hee Jin and her executives, then claimed to have "pieced them together." It is in fact in a conversation which allegedly took place in February, that Min Hee Jin and an executive "Lee" seem to plan the withdrawal of ADOR from HYBE and where Lee writes that their plan must be implemented before the return of BTS of their compulsory enrollment.

Lee : We need to do something before BTS comes back in a year.
MHJ :Lol.
Lee : In a year, the illusions of their multi-label, their American disease and their computer platform will go into a tailspin, if that's the case... It will make it difficult for them and we will win our freedom.
MHJ : That would be great.

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

Lee : This is our plan.
MHJ : So you think we need to use the media, ugh.
Lee : If HYBE's ranking manipulation comes to light, people will lose confidence, right? By accumulating this damage, their losses would be enormous.
MHJ : We need to plan our departure while HYBE is under fire. Let's meet Lee XX (media), XXX (analyst) introduced me to one of their journalists.
Lee : Yes, let's do that. I will prepare everything carefully. First, we'll reach out to them and quietly build a personal network of accountants, competitors, investors, outside directors, investment firms and media outlets.
MHJ : Yes, we should do this in a personal capacity (without using the name ADOR).
Lee : Regardless, concluding these external alliances while strengthening ADOR's internal capabilities is our goal for the month of February.

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

Another conversation, which took place in March, featured executive Lee and Min Hee Jin talking about negotiating a buyout of NewJeans. In other words, it appears from the reconstructed messages that Min Hee Jin planned to negotiate with HYBE so that NewJeans would become independent of HYBE.

Lee : Either way, terminating members' contracts is too costly. (We should leave behind all their old albums as well as any ADOR-related endorsements). But as you said, I think we can use this cost as a negotiating tool. What I mean is that whatever price HYBE sets, we would tell them that the price is too high and the costs of terminating their contract (₩600 billion KRW (approximately 439 million USD)) + the cost of the new contracts (₩100 billion KRW (approximately USD 73,2 million) + HYBE's initial investment ₩20,0 billion KRW (approximately USD 14,6 million)) = ₩720 billion KRW (approximately USD 527 million) ) should suffice. We could thus reach a price of ₩800 billion KRW (approximately 585 million USD).

MHJ : No, HYBE will also assign a value to future profits. It's a relief that Bang Si Hyuk and Park Ji Won's luck is horrible, lol but it's also a reason why they'll be asking for over ₩1.00 trillion KRW (around $732 million USD). Hey they paid that much for a company that had nothing, do you think they're going to sell NewJeans for ₩800 billion KRW (around $585 million USD)? Don't you have your feet on the ground?

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

The same day, ADOR executives discussed potential investors and the reconstructed texts show executive Lee questioning the manager of a private equity fund (PEF) about another investment company.

Lee : Hyung, have you heard of XXX Investments? XXX is the name of its president.
PEF : No.
Lee : Apparently they're not very well known if you don't know them. Thank you.
PEF : The name seems rather fishy.
Lee : I agree.
PEF : Hey, I guess he has money. But does he have a lot? I'm sure he doesn't have enough to make a deal with you.

Lee : I think so too. He named himself, lol. He says a G** investment fund is very interested in Korean entertainment. According to him, it will be easier to find a financial investor than a strategic investor. He also believes that this will give us more freedom and according to him, a strategic investor will always seek to influence the company for his benefit, while a financial investor will not try to influence as much as his own interests and those of the company. The company is aligned. He says the ideal would be to find a financial investor who agrees with our strategy and exit HYBE before growing the company to take it out or IPO. I agree with him.

He says that leaving the company or terminating NewJeans' contract would be unfavorable and that it is not impossible that a minority shareholder, who runs the company, could manage to bring down the parent company as well as the majority shareholder. and thus becomes the default owner of the company. He adds that the most important thing is our will not to lose.

MHJ : This person seems to be full of hope (which is not very realistic).
Lee : He also said that we must hide our claws and stand firm, no matter what the difficulties. I thought the information was the most important.

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

In the last reconstructed conversation, Min Hee Jin allegedly told an ADOR employee that the NewJeans' parents needed to become the whistleblowers.

MHJ : Whistleblower – It is the parents who will file a complaint against HYBE.
MHJ : So what were you thinking when you filed an internal complaint?
ADOR K : At first, I wrote it with this in mind. But I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to publish articles before the internal complaint is filed.
MIC : Why ?

ADOR K : As I wrote, I don't think it is beneficial for the image (of NewJeans) for their parents to get involved. I also thought it was better to build public support before making complaints public.
MHJ : Eh ? I don't understand. I also believe that the fact that the articles are written as if they came from us poses contractual problems. Parents must file a complaint first because ADOR cannot attack HYBE.
ADOR K : I may have said this without understanding our contractual obligations.

MHJ : This is understandable since you are looking at the situation from an outside perspective. But if we don't make an announcement and talk about selling ADOR internally, then we'll be the ones sold and we won't be able to take control. Do you understand what I'm trying to say ? I don't see what the risks you are suggesting are. Furthermore, what risk do we run by publicizing this situation? Whether they investigate or not, everyone will then be talking about HYBE's ranking manipulation, which will turn the world upside down. It is best that we make this public as soon as possible. The best thing to do is for HYBE to contact me and negotiate to end the controversy. We will then inform them of our requirements.

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

This new disclosure of messages sparked reactions from Internet users and many people expressed themselves:

  • This is really unfair, but I bet Min Heejin will post something on her SNS today to refute this, so we should wait
  • At the end of the day, it's just a simple shit war, who's still fair in this?
  • I thought Min Heejin wasn't planning anything, but as it turns out, she was planning to leave, but she got caught before she could put her plan into action?
  • ah I don't know anymore, I support Min Heejin
  • People reading this are still on Min Heejin's side???
  • Shouldn't HYBE go after this VP first?
  • Seriously, how many times is HYBE going to be publicized?
  • No but anyone could say this conversation is so weird, do people really think she followed everything the VP told her to do?
  • If HYBE really had solid and important evidence, why not let the investigation reveal it?
  • For Min Heejin's support
  • Vice President Lee is really weird
  • I'm fed up with this sajaegi cult society that plays with the media
  • No matter your point of view, we should all wait until the court verdict is over ㅋㅋㅋ
  • I've read it and re-read it and all I can say is they really should go after VP Lee, right? Why doesn't anyone talk about him?
  • They should let Min Heejin go with NewJeans, get rid of all their labels and treat BTS better

“We have to do it before BTS comes back” A powerful leak of messages from ADOR seems to confirm the accusations of HYBE K-Sélection

And you ? what do you say about this situation?

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Where are the netizens who support min hee Jin, you are no longer here. As they say, a lie takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs. She begins to arrive at her destination


Love BTS,… They will always remain Talented, Beautiful, Tall. Whatever they say, everything they have already accomplished speaks for them... We await your return... LOVE


Honestly, I don't think there are any good guys in this story. The groups are going to have a blast. It is very possible that agencies manipulate the charts without saying anything to the artists who discover it at the same time as us…..


Talking badly about bts = putting the biggest community in kpop on your back. Strength to her sah


I was wondering: how do they get the messages?


I just wonder: how do they get the messages?


In Korea it is extremely easy to access the Kakao Talk conv. It's not like us in France where there is a confidentiality policy. Moreover, the people who work for these companies are often poorly paid students so you just have to give them a small ticket and that's it, you have access to the conv or you have the number of your favorite idol (that's how it is that the sasaeng works)


I knew it ! A real viper this Min hee Jin :/ personally since the beginning I have been for hybe.


It bothers me to take a possibly reconstructed conversation as real...but if it's the only "tangible" proof of a well-established plot since February, I accept for the moment.

Based on the assumption that this is a real conversation, this supports HYBE's accusations and it makes sense. The only question that remains: how would HYBE have learned of these private conversations?

On the other hand…I notice that once again, there is mention of manipulation of rankings by HYBE. The first mention having been made in an internal letter exchanged between HYBE and Ador then revealed to the public 😡
If the conversation is true, it's damning for HYBE (and its groups!)
If the conversation is false, there remains the letter but let's say that we can easily ignore that :/

But in both cases, I find it very worrying in terms of repercussions for artists


Why did my emoji turn into an angry man?
I put “:” and “x” for the silent smiley._.


And this is the fate of MHJ..
PK always put BTS in these stories seriously.. They are all pathetic but apart from the groups and idols who asked for nothing.


Little by little the truth begins to show.


Leaving BTS out of all this too easy to attack the absent, they worked hard to get everything they have today, this woman personally I don't feel her but then not at all and the Lee vpn even less , BTS has existed for 10 years almost 11 years and so they stop talking shit about them now all the titles they have won, they deserved it they worked with the sweat of their brows even if it meant putting their health in danger .I will support BTS until the end I will give everything for them because they gave me back a taste for life, they brought me the light that I was missing so do not touch them because ARMY will stand up to all those who wish them harm


I don't understand why there are people who support Min Hee Jin. From the start I felt that the controversy came from her and not from Hybe. I find it very ugly to attack BTS (who currently have no way of defending themselves). Not to mention, there is no denying that their success is due to their hard work and the support of their fans.
They don't need to manipulate the charts!
It is shameful to denigrate them after everything they have brought to South Korea in financial, cultural and prestigious image terms. They convey positive values ​​throughout the world and are an example for millions of people. Despite being internationally recognized idols, they remained humble, helpful, attentive to their neighbors, which is rare in this environment!
Army will always stand by BTS!
No one has the right to tarnish their image!


And there are people who still support mhj lol


The true face of Mhj is finally revealed as well as that of his accomplices!! She wanted to have it both ways...and in the process destroy HYBE and BTS...I'm angry at this manipulation which unfortunately was swallowed up by the jealous people of HYBE and BTS...there when she finds herself isolated and finally fired and also accused...we will see the rats leave the ship...The success of HYBE has never been so great and the release of RM's album proves their good understanding...she made a big mistake and it is no longer a "multi labels” that she is facing now, it’s a “conglomerate”! And we can't say that Newjeans made sparks with his album...lots of views...curiosity? But sales have not followed...even the fans are surprised by the lack of quality...unless this is another manipulation to lower the buyout price of the group? Anything is possible with this woman!


It also proves that Hybe is not clean. They are the ones making stories and manipulations with BTS. We must not forget that Hybe is ruining BTS while they are in the army even though it is their biggest turnover. For me, they're all cheating on album sales and so on. They would be better off shutting down all of Hybe and its attached businesses. New jeans are worthless anyway. Created from scratch so we don't care

Adrien Lamotte

Sorry but you are not ashamed in your sentences when you say that new jeans are worthless even though they are very good songs


Why that doesn't surprise me, from the start I didn't feel that way, she played the victim too much to be honest. If hybe launched an internal investigation it is because there were reasons for it. In fact, it especially hurts me for all these girls (the sserafim, illit, newjeans) who find themselves stuck in the middle of this whole media storm and who suffer from it.


Wai not much new, it just shows a story of internal politics between companies in a classic merger acquisition. There is nothing reprehensible in what has been said, however what is huge is that they reveal that there is a real manipulation of rankings by Hybe.
But young people and those who have never worked cannot understand how things work internally in a company.


Again and again the same little headless squabbles. I'm neither on one side nor the other, I don't care if they shoot at each other.
However, involving the boys in all this is not very fair, it is their image which will take a hit in addition to that of HYBE with all these shitty controversies. Fortunately, ARMYs are there to support them through thick and thin.
Let them finish their military service peacefully, dammit, and stop bothering us with your stupid arguments.


What to say jsp I expected that I never believed that hybe was stupid access for the accused if they had no proof but the Internet users are really boring the way they insulted hybe and now want to turn their jackets makes me laugh and internet users who add bts but they have nothing to do with it annoys me


I don't understand anything in this story anymore, who is the bad guy who is the good guy. Nobody I think


That's the question. None of the suggestions are good. Both are manipulative and mean. As much MHJ as Hybe. Seriously pathetic.

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