The identity of the shaman who influenced Min Hee Jin has been revealed K-Sélection
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The identity of the shaman who influenced Min Hee Jin has been revealed

On the morning of May 17, the 50th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court held a public hearing for the injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights filed by Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, against HYBE . Amid the heated exchanges, the unfamiliar term “shaman” emerged. HYBE claimed that CEO Min discussed and made management decisions with a shaman, which they claim was one of the reasons for her dismissal.

The identity of the shaman who influenced Min Hee Jin has been revealed K-Sélection

The shaman, a woman born in 1973, uses the nickname "Jiyoungnim 0814." She is an acquaintance of CEO Min and manages a temple in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. TV Daily obtained and reconstructed text messages exchanged between CEO Min and shaman “Jiyoungnim 0814.”

On March 24, 2021, "Jiyoungnim 0814" advised CEO Min that she could acquire a company within 3 years, similar to a company merger. CEO Min's conflict with HYBE erupted publicly in April of this year, matching this exact timeline. These text messages from 3 years ago coincide with CEO Min joining HYBE as deputy general manager in April 2021. According to the messages, CEO Min felt the desire to acquire something when she arrived: her own label by April 2024.

The identity of the shaman who influenced Min Hee Jin has been revealed K-Sélection

CEO Min believed she could communicate with her late little sister through “Jiyoungnim 0814”. The shaman, speaking on behalf of the spirit, expressed a wish to work alongside CEO Min and even asked for a job. The latter was reportedly hired, but left during the final stage of the interview to join another company.

“Jiyoungnim 0814” was more involved in the management of ADOR than expected. She and CEO Min frequently discussed the amount of compensation from HYBE, including put options. The shaman advised CEO Min to ask for a higher amount than what HYBE offered.

The identity of the shaman who influenced Min Hee Jin has been revealed K-Sélection

CEO Min often confided her true intentions to "Jiyoungnim 0814", revealing plans such as taking over the company and joining forces with a girl group. The girl group mentioned in the posts appears to be NewJeans.

Although CEO Min is free to trust a shaman's words, involving a shaman's personal opinions in management conflicts is a game-changer. Especially when it comes to the company HYBE, home of K-pop icons. Who is the real owner of ADOR? Is it HYBE, which owns 80% of the shares, or is it “Jiyoungnim 0814”, which seems to have significant influence over CEO Min?


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K-pop curious

The word “shaman” may make a Westerner smile but having consumed a lot of content on CKJ cultures, it is not as incongruous as it seems.

That being said, if MHJ discussed confidential matters with a third party, it could be legally troublesome depending on the clauses of the signed contract. Now, how could HYBE have access to visibly private conversations? That's another story.

I will not share my religious opinion on shamans (because that is not the place nor the question).. On the other hand, I will just say that it is no more different than those who discuss with their pastor e.g. , or call on a religious person for advice.
And if the two are friends as MHJ claimed, that surprises me even less.
(I myself discuss certain situations professionally with friends or people from the same professional environment.-.)

The last question, however, is interesting: who is the real owner of a company?
The one who has the most shares or the person who keeps the company going?

In the case of this figure, I would say that HYBE is the primary administrative owner of ADOR.
Now, at what height HYBE intervenes in the structure and for everything else, I cannot know.

트와이스 ☆

I think they must have spoken on Kakao Talk, the conversations are not that private in the sense that Dispatch can have access to everyone's conversations


It is abused. It's really nonsense Ador and Min hee Jin there. But I already knew, I was right all along about his intentions.

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