HYBE indirectly admits plagiarism involving ILLIT! K-Selection
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HYBE indirectly admits plagiarism involving ILLIT!

How does it feel to see someone finally admit their mistake months after the fact, without actually trying to apologize to you in person? Well, this is precisely what an American dancer, Kelly Sweeney, faced after the plagiarism problem she encountered with HYBE's girl group, namely ILLIT.

Indeed, months after she reported the problem, HYBE subtly admitted it without even apologizing. So what happened to cause this situation to take an unexpected turn? Check out the full story below.

HYBE indirectly admits plagiarism involving ILLIT! K-Selection

Plagiarism Issue Involving Kelly Sweeney and ILLIT of HYBE – What Happened?

While plagiarism is a crucial issue in the global music industry, it has recently become even more prominent in Kpop due to the controversy between ILLIT and NewJeans. However, it seems that NewJeans is not the only plagiarism case in which HYBE has dragged ILLIT because an American dancer, Kelly Sweeney, published a video at the beginning of the year on TikTok and Instagram in which she denounced the company for a problem of plagiarism involving the Kpop group ILLIT. In the video, she points out that ILLIT danced to music whose choreography was exactly the same as the one she had created and the worst part is that the company published the sequence to make it accessible to the public without credit her as choreographer.

In order to compare ILLIT's dance moves to those of Kelly, the latter posted the video in a parallel format and we can note that they are exactly the same. Kelly then tagged ILLIT in the caption and called out HYBE for the plagiarism issue. She said:

HYBE indirectly admits plagiarism involving ILLIT! K-Selection

« As an artist and choreographer, who devotes his life to creating original movements and who makes it his profession, it is very frustrating to see people following your steps without giving you the slightest credit. Sure, I'm flattered that their choreographer loved the choreography so much that they learned it, changed the song and did it for their video, but it is NEVER acceptable to plagiarize and not give credit especially when this is a group of artists. Please do better @illit_official @hybe.labels.audition @beliftlab ».

HYBE attempts to resolve the incident without apologizing

Now, months after the affair began in February, HYBE subtly tried to resolve it and although the company hasn't exactly apologized publicly, Kelly Sweeney announced that the company was ultimately credited for the choreography in ILLIT's dance rehearsal video. She also reminded the public not to hate ILLIT because of this plagiarism case because it is indeed HYBE who is entirely responsible for it, and she only tagged the group to draw the team's attention to the problem in question. Kelly Sweeney said:

HYBE indirectly admits plagiarism involving ILLIT! K-Selection

 » They have now added my name and credit to their YouTube video (long after I made this post), but I thank you, @labels.hybe, for rectifying that. Please don't spread hatred towards girls. If they were tagged, it was only so that they and their team could see it in case they didn't know. This happens too often in the entertainment industry and it needs to stop!"

That said, do you think this initiative is sufficient? Is it really a wise decision for one of the biggest Kpop companies in the global music industry to silently add the credits months after the problem started without even publicly apologizing to the 'artist ? Or is it enough as long as the credits are already there? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Unfortunately this doesn't only happen in the world beyond K-pop with social networks everyone and everyone plagiarizing their work from others... but it doesn't make much noise because these artists are mostly little known...


This is the true face of Hybe and Bang PD, I feel that soon we will arrive at a case which will finally expose the unfair methods used by Hybe to achieve their ends. Soon there will be justice for MHJ!!!!


Beyond the story, which is serious, it is simply not acceptable for a big agency, whether Hybe or another, to think it legitimate to appropriate the work of others without mentioning them, however, I find that the article is very well written and explained compared to the previous ones, so thank you for your work.

K-pop curious

I am very attached, through my profession, to questions of plagiarism, copyright, credit and so on.

I'm glad the choreographer was credited! It's the least you can do when you appropriate the work of others and it's regrettable that you have to complain to assert this simple right.

However, this incident raises other questions and I sincerely believe that there are people at HYBE who should not be in the clear with the law.
(Or who doesn't care at all)

I understand the reasons why HYBE discreetly corrected this error. Surely not to restart hostilities and a wave of hatred following an official press release. Publicly announcing the fault leaves the door open to doubt: “If it happened once, why not other times?” »
(I think this happened several times)

It's not legal. Almost disgusting. But you can hear it.

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