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HYBE confirms Katseye's debut

A new mixed South Korean and American girl group, called Katseye, will debut on June 28 with its first single. It is a collaboration between Hybe Corporation and Geffen Records. Composed of six members, namely Manon Bannerman (Switzerland), Sophia Laforteza (Philippines), Daniela Avanzini (United States), Lara Raj (United States), Megan Skiendiel (United States) and Jeong Yoon-chae (South Korea). Sud), the new girls band will release another single in July and an EP in August.

The six members were selected through the tele-trot “The Debut: Dream Academy), which was broadcast from September to November 2023. They survived tough competition when there were some 120.000 candidates.

HYBE confirms Katseye K-Selection debut

During the 90 days of the audition, the candidates passed assessments of different skills including dancing, singing, team spirit, artistic side and adaptation to the concept. Katseye already has 300.000 subscribers in her fan community on Hybe's platform, Weverse.

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HYBE’s desire to get out of the “kpop” box is growing stronger day by day and it’s beneficial for everyone..
Welcome to this new group and I hope that no one will spread false rumors like illit..Good luck ladies…surprise us!


they better have changed the name of the fandom and not let it be "eyekons", When will they realize that there is already a Korean boyband called 'iKON'!!, It's like the fandom was called “Be Ts” or whatever you want. Don't ignore all the years iKON have worked hard to get their name out there. They put the RIGHTS on their band name, you don't have the right to steal it, even under another spelling!


hybe he's going crazy I tell you pfff

I loved

There was a debate like that in the fandom and it seems to me that it was concluded that 1) The pronunciation has little to do with it 2) If it had really been a problem, YG would have taken action and the Ikonics would have moaned en masse.
The name had already been given by a fan in their first live and the girls immediately loved it. For Be Ts, it would be really bad since Eyekon has a relationship with Katseye. I think what's disturbing is the K, but it's the letter representing Katseye so if the group had been called Catseye it would have been Eyecon.


But why too many groups? :'( plus it's more K-Pop if it's more Korean. There are American girls and everything


LOL so Lesserafim, G(idle), Kepler, Aespa, Twice, NewJeans, Ive and Blackpink are not Kpop since there are Japanese, Chinese, Thai members and more
Kpop is Korean pop, that's all


In Blackswan there is no Korean member and yet they do kpop just say you don't like the group no one forces no one


Too true as long as they are Asian it's okay but as long as they are other nationalities it's more kpop pfff

I loved

Katseye's principle is to mix a western and kpop style to get the best, so yes, it's more totally Kpop but it will be inspired

I loved

Finally ! I can not wait !

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