How to Become a Kpop Idol Audition
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How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete Guide

The job of a K-pop idol is not always easy! However, he arouses the admiration of many. How to become a K-pop idol? K-sélection will give you all the advice!

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In this article we will see:

  • The qualities of a future K-pop idol
  • Becoming an apprentice and a future K-pop idol 
  • How to Debut as a K-pop Idol 
  • The skills you need to succeed in a K-pop audition 

become a kpop idol

Before talking about the different types of audition, it is important to know that it is strongly recommended to do at least 2 years of training to prepare properly.

In general, we start training no later than 16 years old and no earlier than 10 years old.


The first auditions take place between the ages of 12 and 25 with an average age of 18 years. You should know that if you are under 14 years old, you must have a legal guardian.

Above all, being yourself is a advice given by SeungMin from Stray Kids: “ It's best if you try not to pretend to be someone else or a person you're not. Be yourself and show them who you are. »

SeungMin stray kids become kpop idol

To tell the truth, he is completely right, an artist must be loved for what he is and what he does, not for what he claims to be and do. On top of that we always end up knowing when a person is pretending. It is therefore important to be sincere.

ADOR (HYBE) launches global audition for male and female apprentices q

Now that we've given some general advice, we're going to talk about how K-pop auditions work. It is important to know that there are live auditions (you go directly to the agency to audition) or online auditions (you apply online generally by email). First, K-pop auditions usually happen in 3 rounds:

SM Announces Global Audition to Recruit New Members for NCT, Fans Unhappy

– The first round allows the judges to see your talents. A form must be completed to provide basic information about you such as age, height, weight, date of birth, etc. 

– The second round is an on-camera audition. It's seeing how you behave in front of the camera. Juries may ask you to present yourself in any language you speak fluently. They then try to see your different facial angles. The judges may ask you to sing and dance.

How to become a K-pop idol audition

– The third round is the final audition during which they call you back and give you the contract. They make sure they want you by making you sing and dance again. They then give you the contract and read it with you.

become a K-pop idol

It is important to know that these steps are general but each agency has its own procedure, hence the importance of reading the advertisements.

Finally, here are some tips for making your audition as successful as possible:

  • Quality : To record your performance and highlight it, you need good devices. To have good video quality but also audio.
  • Greet in Korean : Korean people would be happy if you made the effort to learn basic Korean.
  • Structure : Before singing/rapping/dancing, you should make an introduction. Just a simple one. For example, “Hello, my name is [your name]. I am [your age] years old. Today I'm going to dance/sing to [the artist's] [song]. And if you have other comments on the song (if you remixed it in your own way, if you changed the language,…). After your introduction, start singing/dancing.

kpop Seulgi dance audition

  • The position : When singing/rapping, make sure you are standing, this will make your voice sound better. When you save, make sure the background is good. When you dance, make sure the camera sees your entire body and your dance moves.
  • The duration : It is recommended to make short videos (between 40 seconds and 1 minute). No agency has time to watch every audition.
  • Avoid singing a song by one of the agency's artists unless you are capable of doing better. simply because they have already heard this music from all angles and it's more complicated for you to tell the difference.

  • Even if you are auditioning for singing, you must have a foundation in dancing. You may be asked to dance.Keep smiling in front of the judges, it's always nicer.

Many K-pop idols start at a young age. Auditions are often open to children from the age of 12. 

  • The skills you need to succeed in a K-pop audition 

A K-pop idol must mainly know how to sing. So it is important to work on your voice well. But how ?

First you need to know your voice type. There are 7 main singing scales:

  • The soprano : It is the highest voice, with the greatest vocal amplitude and therefore the greatest range. Generally, it is women who reach this height.
  • The high : In female voices, the alto is the lowest voice. It is also generally the highest voice in men.

  • The mezzo-soprano : Literally mezzo means medium (between bass and treble). The mezzo-soprano is an intermediate medium voice. Its range is sometimes as wide as that of a soprano, but its timbre is, however, more velvety (softer).
  • The countertenor : This type of male voice has the ability to go from high to alto and sometimes even up to soprano. The countertenor mainly uses his head voice to be able to go so high.
  • The tenor : This is the highest male voice. Unlike the countertenor, the tenor relies on his chest voice to increase his abilities.
  • Baritone : The baritone is the most common type of male voice. This type of voice has a weight and power that makes it dominant.
  • The bass : This is the lowest vocal range of all voice types. A singer with a basic vocal range usually has a dark, resonant voice quality and frequently also has a deep voice.

Being a man, reaching the alto or soprano ranges can make a difference during an audition. Likewise for a woman reaching low ranges like tenor or bass would really be a source of demarcation.

Also keep in mind that you not only have to know how to sing but you have to live the music and be able to make it your own. You can do this by arranging the music in your own way and with your own style.

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

It is important not to get discouraged, with constant and hard work on the voice you can make serious progress. 

For example, Jin from BTS was not the best singer but it was by working hard to improve his singing that he was able to make incredible progress.

  • Rap :

Some people prefer rapping to singing just as others are capable of doing both. On the other hand, you should know that just as the voice needs to be worked on, so does rap. 

  • To begin with, diction is something important, just like for singing, but as far as rap is concerned, this ability is to be accentuated by what if the audience does not understand what you are saying you lose credibility.

Just watch Mino's performance and you will quickly understand that if you don't work on your dictions you can't rap correctly:


  • Rap is also the work of the voice which will strengthen your style and set you apart. In particular the power of your voice depending on what you want to convey to the public.

  • Rap is also instrumental; it is important to choose an instrumental adapted to your voice and the atmosphere you want to set.

  • Rap is also a field where you have to know how to be creative by mixing styles like for example this performance by BewhY who knew how to mix lyrical singing with rap.

Finally, you must of course listen to the performances of other Korean rappers or also the improvisations of Show Me The Money (a rap competition show).

  • Dance :

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

To become a K-pop idol it is important to be good at singing or rapping but dancing remains a main discipline of a K-pop idol. Indeed, choreography is often the most important in the K-pop world, sometimes it is even possible that the song is pre-recorded so that the idols concentrate on the choreography.

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

A good dancer can be more easily highlighted on teasers and MVs unlike a good singer and bad dancer. You can notice it yourself by seeing certain idols highlighted more than others even though they are in the same group.

When it comes to training, there are a lot of tutorials that can help you learn the dance on your own. But the ideal is to have dance classes to guide you. 

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

You also need to establish a dance routine that will allow you to progress while disciplining yourself. Your dance routine should include at least 3 hours of practice and at least 30 hours per week.


As for the dance style, you can go through hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, urban, R&B,…  

  • The visual :

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

You see it yourself on the screen, idols are often thin. It is therefore important to gain weight with a suitable diet.

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

Many Korean entertainment companies have a beauty standard and if you don't meet this standard, it can be a source of rejection in the K-pop world. It is for this reason that standards can be imposed, sometimes with a weight of less than 50 kg for a woman and 75 kg for a man. Which forces some to consume less than 2000 calories per day. 

jisoo height weight

On the other hand, if you practice dancing regularly, you will naturally lose weight. On average, an apprentice burns 5 calories per day.

  • The personality :

Physical preparation with singing, dancing, rap, etc. is important but we must not forget the mental preparation. 

You should know that becoming a K-pop idol involves a lot of stress. 

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

In addition, you influence people who follow you on a more or less large scale. It is therefore important to work on your character if you are introverted or shy you must train yourself to get out of your comfort zone and be confident and sure of yourself without being arrogant.

You should also know that K-pop idols also participate in Korean shows where their personalities are the most highlighted, watched and criticized. 

Do these people want me to cry? MAMAMOO's Hwasa Opens Up About Going Braless Controversy Haters Netizens

To properly work on your personality as a future K-pop idol, you must first rely on what already exists: K-pop idol interviews. This will help you prepare for answering any unavoidable questions you may have.

You must not forget that having an attractive and memorable personality opens doors to new shows that will put you more forward and in value and more brands will want to do commercials with you.

I cried” Lisa says it was very hard for her to record BLACKPINK songs

Presence on social networks before becoming an idol is also not recommended. Quite simply because everything you say can be subject to scandal once you are an idol. 

  • Language :

Knowing firstly that you will live in Korea and interact on a daily basis with Koreans, it is important to have a basic knowledge of Korean. In addition, as you will be singing mainly in Korean, learning Korean remains essential.

Kazuha cries

You can learn basic Korean phrases via apps or YouTube and even practice listening comprehension via Korean dramas, TV shows, or movies.

Debuting as a K-pop idol

How to become a K-pop idol? The Complete K-Selection Guide

Now imagine that you have passed the auditions, you want to start your life as an apprentice. It is important to know that everything is not over, you will find yourself competing with several other people who have been selected and you will have to make the difference to be able to debut as a K-pop idol.

As an apprentice you will have regular assessments to take and sometimes assessments that can put an end to your dream of becoming an idol. You will have to persevere and surpass yourself physically and mentally.

You have the keys in hand, it's now up to you!

With all these tips, do you feel ready to try an audition?

 In this article, we have the skills to work towards becoming a K-pop idol, we also learned about the process of an audition and finally what it takes to start your career as a K-pop idol -pop.  

Thank you for reading this k-selection article, if you liked it, don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram @alt_k_selection. Thanks to Anne from @musasian_fr for developing this article.

Would you also like to write for K-Sélection and share your love for South Korea, Kpop, dramas, and more? Contact you on [email protected] and start your adventure NOW!

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Me, Olen Ilona, ​​13 years old kotoisin Suomesta unelmanani on tulla K – pop Idoliksi, mutta minusta tuntuu että se ei ole mahdollista, koska olen suomalainen :(. Haluisin kuitenkin yrittää päästä pääsykokeisiin, mutta en tiedä uskallanko. Mitä mieltä olette?

الجود زايدي

أريد حقا أن أصبح آيدول في بيق هيت مجتمعustoms رفا 25


Hi I am an African girl and I want to become a kpop idol


Hello I sing well in real life I would like to get started with my friends loona moi and solenne


uh girls I don't want to shatter your dreams but it's impossible. quite simply because you are not Asian. Explain to me how you are going to learn Korean when your parents don't agree. Afterwards you can go to a non-Korean agency but not to JYP, Hybes… You must at least have Asian origins like me. And then you need talent and perfection and it's not by dancing for 5 minutes in your room in front of a mirror with headphones on that you will succeed


We know Madam Correene


korean there are no two r's

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

Looks like you haven't seen the band Black Swan; Three of the members are foreigners. Félix (SKZ) is Australian. In short, all that to say that you are currently shattering girls' dreams. I don’t dance so-called “with my headphones on for 5 minutes”. I am Blaisan (black + Asian) Korean from my father and black from my mother. And yet, girls, even if your parents don't agree, as long as you have a dream that's the most important thing. So really your comment your comment is useless. You're just ruining the mood. People who have this dream, they learn until they take action. When I was young, I wanted to go to high school in Korea and here I am in Korea. You say that, but maybe you don't know how to speak Korean either. So just shut up and leave them alone. You're not going to break their hearts. You talk like that, you didn't even take the initiative to think before saying that.

The Pingpong video

Personally, the comment from me is quite true. First of all she doesn't shatter dreams because it's the truth. This environment is extremely harsh. Even more so for non-Asian foreigners. If you want to become truly famous. Black Swan is just known because there are no Koreans. and for your information, Félix from Stray kids is Korean and Australian. Eun yoo-ri before throwing things around, check your sources. and what's more, you're only making assumptions. You said maybe she doesn't know how to speak Korean but you don't know. But it's not okay to criticize people who supposedly dance for 5 minutes. everyone does what they want within the limits of possible. I hope that my comment will not be “for nothing” and that I will not spoil the atmosphere. If you think that, well, that's not my problem. And I am French, Armenian and Japanese: my father is Japanese and my mother is French and Armenian.


Hello, I'm Lucie, I'm French and I'm 11 years old. I would like to become a kpop idol, but I'm not sure how to take it. I told my parents who don't care a bit, so I I'm trying to make it on my own I hope you can pass the auditions I don't really believe in myself I'm quite shy and those around me make fun of me a little because I want to become a kpop idol.


Hello, do you want to join our group, we are training at the moment


It's just that it's not possible

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

Another one who doesn't know how to think before speaking. YOU BREAK THE ATMOSPHERE!!! LET HER LIVE HER DREAM!

The Pingpong video

Hey ! Calm down . There's no need to get angry like that


Hello, I would just like to know on a physical level if we are not Asian, is that still okay?

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

Don't worry. Even if you're not Asian, it's okay. Live your dream the way you want, my dear.


Hello..uh there is a small label that is auditioning but I'm afraid


Hi ! I'm 12 years old, my dream is to become a kpop star I don't know if my parents will accept that I take the auditions I'm looking for people but I think I'll pass the auditions I believe in myself I'll pass my audition I believe too good luck to you all


Hi ! My dream is to become a kpop star I'm 12 years old I don't know if my parents will accept that I audition I'm looking for people but I think I'll pass my audition I believe in myself and all of you will succeed your audition good luck everyone


I would like to do it but I'm only 14 and I'm French and Asian but hey I don't know how to do poise.

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

It goes. You can do it !

Jay jay

Hi ! I'm going to be 13 and I would like to get into music (like K-POP but French) but I don't know how to start. And I'm looking to see if people want to collaborate (preferably French) but for the moment me & parents don't know anything so I'm doing what I can. If anyone is interested please respond.


I want to.

Kpop life

how is that kpop but french?


I would like it to be great to collaborate with you, you seem super cool too

The Pingpong video

like you don't know him or her but you want to collaborate. but hey you do what you want


I would like to join you again

Kpop life

I would really like to be able to do the auditions because I know how to dance, sing, speak Korean and Japanese fluently and I also speak English but I'm afraid that if I tell my parents they will think I'm an idiot


They won't take you for an idiot if you make it clear to them that you want to do that.


Hello I am 11 years old almost 12 years old I live in France I am strong in dance, rap but especially in singing I filled out the forms for audition in the Hybe agency of bts, newjeans, le sserafim ect… but I don't dare not tell my father I talked about it with my mother but she told me to tell my father but I'm still afraid I've been dancing since I was 9 years old and I've been singing for 1 year already I know how to speak English, a little Korean and Japanese, all I have left to send is I'll say it at the end of February, I'm an army, blink, bunnie, once, fearnot.

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

I only have one piece of advice to give you…LIVE YOUR DREAM! YOU CAN DO IT !


Hello, I'm pretty good at singing, dancing and rapping, but I don't dare tell my parents that I want to become an idol, I'm afraid of their reaction.
Help me please.
Second thing:
If I pass the auditions, I have to go on my own to Korea where the agency takes care of it?


I too want to go by any means but I'm in a shelter they're going crazy. and maybe the agency can take care of it and also I can do with you but if we don't know each other yet :)

Kpop life

You have to pay for the plane ticket yourself, the rest the agency will take care of.


I heard jyp paid for the flight. (Other agencies don't know)




Jeg er bange for at hvis du klare en audition uden dine forældre ved det, så skal du måske sige detil dine forældre før du tager til Korea? Prøv at se den video der hedder et eller andet med do this your parents will let you be an idol


I know how to sing, rap, dance and even speak Korean but the problem is that I don't have the means to come to Korea.


For me I'm 16 years old, I want to become an idol too but I don't know how, someone to help me please, I love singing but I don't know how to dance


I can help if you want you have to make a video for the agency you want and they want to see how you behave with the camera and they want you to present yourself with the language you speak fluently and from the angle of your screwing there 🙂

Reply to Blink-Blackpink_k-pop: Honestly, don't listen to your parents, do what you like! I think dreams are more important than studies!


yes but I'm in a foster home and I want to join k-pop but I can't do it 🙁

Hello, I am in the same situation as a person (I am also 11 years old)...But my parents always change their minds like “Go ahead but only at 15 because I can't break your biggest dream” or “A no I would let you do everything until you turn 18” Which made me hesitant to abandon my kpop idol project…Yet I trained for a long time for about 2 years ago…I don't know what to do anymore and I'm in despair…. I'm thinking of abandoning my biggest to replace it with another…..Could you give me your opinion please? PS; I've been dreaming of this since I was 3 years old...


If you've dreamed of this for so long and you've trained a lot, give yourself the means to get there and maybe your parents will change their minds for good.

THANKS ! I hope my parents will agree to me doing an audition! (At JYP) But otherwise if I can't I would wait until I'm 18 unfortunately….

Cc Kookie36 I asked them but….Impossible so I would wait until I'm 18…Or not…Because I'm thinking of replacing it with another one because I'm so fed up…But thank you as well


I say we don't care what he thinks, it's your life, just dream, I'll go for your dream :)

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

Your parents are just mood breakers! Let it happen, and don't give up. As long as you have this dream, it’s already won!


On my parents' side, it's okay, they agree that I do one audition, but only one, I think I'll do it before the next summer vacation. On the other hand, I really don't speak Korean well, and I have a lot of other languages ​​that I'm learning in class so I don't have the time, especially if we add dance, piano and taekwondo, on the other hand I speak speak English well, Spanish, and I understand a little Italian


Afterwards it also depends on the age you are and in a single audition unless you are very lucky it is almost impossible to be taken on by many idols you have failed many times. The best thing would be to move to Korea to audition more often and with different labels. But you're lucky your parents agree because mine don't.

A person

And also I forgot to specify I'm starting to tell myself to give up my dream because my parents hope that I don't become a kpop idol


good idea

A person

Hello I would like to ask you I am 11 years old I am waiting to be 12 years old to audition. Unfortunately my parents will only allow me to audition at the age of 18….Should I give up or not….? Because knowing my parents they will let me do everything until the age of 18…And also I am of Asian origin and I look like one…So normally it's good I can audition….


In your opinion it's possible if you know how to dance but not sing because my parents don't want me to take singing lessons, they say it's useless and that I should concentrate on my studies

Kpop_Infinity ♾️

I don't think it's possible I think that first of all you have to know how to sing
Dancing is important but less than singing I think


What do you learn on your own? I've been practicing singing since I was in high school! As far back as I can remember, I've always loved music and it's not my mother who decides what I should think about! Learn on your own and you'll see! And if you need advice, ask me on insta @blink_kushinade_jennie I can't summarize everything for you here but you can ask me for advice whenever you want!


But my parents install a wall-mounted control so I can install neither Snap nor Insta


I tried to learn on my own but I sing really out of tune and my mother says it's a waste of time compared to studying and as I dance more than 20 hours a week she says it's already enough and she doesn't know that I want to do an audition she says that I have no chance of becoming a singer or dancer


Don't worry my girl, you'll get there


I have already tried to learn on my own with apps etc but I am not often alone at home and I don't like it when there is someone else so when I sing they have music to hide my voice and no one can hear me


If you can rap, it's possible I think. But you have to have A LOT of talent in dancing and rapping.

Sulilix 748

I have a question, can black people also audition to start in agencies such as Big Hit music and YP Entertainment?

Kpop_Infinity ♾️

Yes I think it's possible but kpop is mainly made up of groups that are of Asian origin


It's possible but maybe your group won't be too well known

Eun Yoo-ri Stay

It's possible.


It’s great, honestly it’s a dream! But after ? Succeeding in auditions is one thing, but surviving in the Korean music industry is not the same story! In truth, it's the only thing that gives me courage

Because in care it's not because I'm 16 years old, that I've never followed dance or singing courses that I can't do it, never say never BUT refinishing in depression is not really my thing delirium


OMG my dream!! Unfortunately impossible to achieve for a girl like me. But, is it possible at 13 to make your Idol dream come true? I do not believe

Eun ji

Go for it girl you have to stop saying that it's impossible because in life everything can be possible if you put your mind to it, go after your dreams you won't regret it whereas if you don't you will regret...

Baby Mochi(BTSARMY)

Go for me personally my parents don't want me to become a kpop idol so please make my dream come true for me if you have the possibility afterward you will regret


I'm 14 years old but I've been training almost 2 hours a day for 1 and a half years and I watch the news about auditions all the time to be up to date because dancing is my whole life and becoming an idol it's my biggest dream even if my parents don't want it

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