Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection
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Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities

Find out everything you need to know about the South Korea digital nomad visa, including how to apply, costs, requirements, eligibility, and more. Here's what you need to know:

The important points

  • when: from January 1, 2024
  • Who : foreigners who wish to work remotely in South Korea + their family (spouse, children)
  • Duration: maximum 2 years (1 year + possibility of extension of 1 year)
Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection

Eligibility conditions

  • Work for a company abroad or freelance abroad.
  • Earn more than 85 million won (57 euros) in 301. The visa requires you to earn double Korea's gross national income (GNB) per capita for the previous year.
  • Be 18 years or older and have worked for at least one year in the same sector.
  • Apply to the Korean embassy in your country. If you are currently in Korea, you can switch from Visa Waiver (B-1), Tourist Visa (B-2), or Short-Term Visitor Visa (C-3) (but, as we explain below in the FAQ, we recommend applying in your country, at least for now).
  • Have personal medical insurance covering at least 100 million won for hospital care and repatriation during their stay in Korea.
Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection

South Korea Digital Nomad Visa FAQ

Can I work in Korea with the digital nomad/workation visa?

Travelers visiting under this visa cannot be employed in Korea or participate in any local gainful activity during their stay. They can work for a company abroad.

What are the necessary documents?

The following documents are the standard papers required for the workation visa application, but there might be additional documents required in your country. We still recommend that you ask your embassy for a list of necessary documents.

  • Visa application form
  • Passport
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of employment or work
  • Payslip
  • Bank statements (to prove income)
  • Other financial proof if existing (all taxable income you have in a year)
  • Criminal record (no convictions for crimes, neither in your home country nor in Korea, are allowed)
  • Proof of private insurance covering at least 100 million won for accident/transportation/medical aid
  • An address in Korea is REQUIRED for the application

The validity period of proof documents such as employment certificates is 3 months from the date of issue, and visa-related information such as submission documents can be confirmed on the visa department website. immigration and on the site Hi Korea.

Do I need to be registered with a company abroad to apply?

Yes, either as an employee of a company or as a self-employed worker. You can apply for the Workation visa if you are currently operating a business, have one year of experience in the same industry and have a proven income. Foreigners who are not affiliated with a foreign company cannot apply for the visa.

Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection

Is the minimum income before or after tax?

The minimum is calculated from your gross income, in other words, before tax.

Will I have to pay taxes in Korea?

According to Article 3 (Scope of taxable income) of the Income Tax Law, all income is taxable for residents. If you work for a company overseas from Korea, this would be considered Korea-sourced income for tax because you earned it while staying in Korea. However, in an official government response, it was highlighted that temporary resident foreigners are only taxed on the part of their taxable income that is paid or remitted into the country if it arises from abroad (this applies to resident aliens who have had a domicile or residence in Korea for a total of five years or less in the 10 years preceding the end of the relevant tax period).

Additionally, countries with which Korea has a double taxation agreement are not subject to this tax if the treaty contains relevant provisions. You can check the contents of the treaty on the tax legislative information system of the National Tax Service. As the visa is in the pilot phase, we recommend that for tax-related questions you contact the consultation center of the National Tax Service (126 without area code).

What is the minimum income required to be eligible?

7,08 million won (or approximately 4 euros) per month in 777.

How is monthly income calculated?

From the documents you submit: pay slips, bank statements, account transactions, etc. For now, this will remain a case-by-case decision as there are no proper guidelines to follow. Embassies and officials still do not know how things will develop since the visa has just been launched.

I see that the visa is called workation visa, digital nomad visa… What is the official name?

The visa is officially called a workation visa (F-1-D).

Did I receive a resident card with the visa?

Yes ! Benefits of the Alien Registration Card (ARC) include: going through a fast lane during Korean immigration at the airport, opening a Korean bank account, signing up for a longer-term phone plan, having access free Korean lessons, etc. You will need to apply for this at your local immigration office within 90 days of your arrival.

Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection

Is the visa valid from the date of issue or first entry into Korea?

The workation visa is valid from the first entry into Korea. From this date, you can stay for up to 2 years (1 year initially + 1 year extension), and there is no mandatory stay period in Korea.

How long does it take for the visa to be issued?

The visa should be issued in approximately 10 to 15 days after application. The visa issuance period may vary depending on the applicant's documentation, embassy conditions, etc.

Which countries are eligible?

There are no restrictions on visa applications based on nationality.

Can I apply for the visa if I am currently in Korea?

Yes, if you are visa exempt (B-1), holder of a tourist visa (B-2) or a short stay visa (C-3).

What documents are needed for an apostille?

An apostille (or consular confirmation) is required for criminal convictions. In theory, an apostille is not necessary to prove family ties, employment, income, health insurance, etc. In practice, immigration officials can request additional apostilles if they want or need them. Additional documents such as translations and certifications may be requested when issuing the visa or when considering the change of status.

Visas to work in South Korea

Can my partner and I combine our salaries to apply?

No. The minimum income must be reached by a single person. When the person is eligible, only then can they come with their spouse and children.

Do my partner and I have to be married to be considered family/spouses?

You can apply for a visa if you can prove a legal family relationship with the primary resident (remote worker).

Can I bring my pet to Korea with me?

Please check with quarantine authorities such as the Korea Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Quarantine Center to see if you can bring an animal to Korea.

Do I need a digital nomad visa to come to Korea?

Digital nomad visa in South Korea: Procedures and Formalities K-Selection

No way ! Coming to South Korea on a tourist visa is not difficult for most digital nomads. (You may need to register for the Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) system before arriving, which is a very quick and completely online process.) There are other types of visas, such as the working holiday visa, the OASIS startup visa, or the student visa, which may apply to some digital nomad situations, but not to most others.

Why is the government launching the digital nomad visa?

The Korean government wants to allow foreigners to work and travel in Korea to revitalize the local economy and promote the country's landscapes and culture.


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