Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection
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Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most ardent fans turn away from him

Famous actor Wang Yibo is facing backlash from the public, his fans, and even his industry colleagues.

Born in 1997, Wang Yibo is one of Asia's hottest young stars, with a massive fan base. He rose to A-list star status thanks to the success of the C-drama “The Untamed”. In a short time, Wang Yibo, who had no formal acting training, was cast in leading roles in major television and film productions. However, recently Wang Yibo's fans have attacked his colleagues, and the young actor has not shown a clear effort to manage his fan base.

Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection

On the evening of June 16, the “Weibo Movie Night” event featured Wang Yibo, Huang Bo and director Da Peng. While receiving an award on stage, Da Peng expressed his gratitude to producer Chen Zhi Xi for his role in creating the film "One and Only." He also interacted with the male protagonist next to him to receive the award. Da Peng also thanked the actors absent from the event who contributed to the success of the film.

However, Da Peng did not mention Wang Yibo, who was also present at the event but seated in the audience. This led Wang Yibo's fans to criticize Da Peng, accusing him of being ungrateful and disrespectful towards Wang Yibo, thereby embarrassing the young actor. As a result, after the event, Chinese media discovered that director Da Peng had stopped following Wang Yibo on Weibo.

Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection

As a result, Wang Yibo's fans were even more irritated. They flooded Da Peng's Weibo account with insults, saying the film would not have been made without Wang Yibo. They expressed that they didn't care about Da Peng or Xiao Peng and wondered who would watch his movie without Wang Yibo. Some even pointed out that Da Peng thanked many people but not Wang Yibo, whom they considered the soul of the film.

Meanwhile, according to QQ, while promoting "One and Only", Wang Yibo made controversial statements like “What happens to the film afterwards is of no concern to me, because I did my job as an actor”. During promotional tours, Wang Yibo often made mistakes in his words, requiring the intervention of director Da Peng. This is not the first time Wang Yibo's fans have caused trouble, making other artists feel uncomfortable around him.

Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection

Previously, actor Wang Yang, co-starring with Wang Yibo in "War of Faith", deleted his praise for him after being attacked by the singer's fans for a long time. According to QQ, Wang Yang and Wang Yibo starred together in the C-drama "War of Faith", where Wang Yibo was first introduced as the central male protagonist. Wang Yang, introduced third after Li Qin, was also cast as the lead actress.

Subsequently, production company iQiYi submitted both Wang Yang and Wang Yibo for the Best Actor award (Magnolia Award), but only Wang Yang reached the final stage. Wang Yibo's fans were outraged, claiming that Wang Yang had stolen the nomination from their idol and that Wang Yang should have competed for Best Supporting Actor. For days, they bombarded Wang Yang's personal page with curses, wishing harm on his family with foul language. They even wrote letters to the organizers of the Magnolia Prize. The uproar prompted media and talent management agencies to intervene.

Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection

Wang Yibo, initially pitied for missing out on a nomination, was criticized for not knowing how to handle his fans and letting them insult his colleagues. Two prominent fans of Wang Yibo, each with hundreds of thousands of followers, were banned from posting by Sina management. China's largest social network, Weibo, removed more than 3 posts violating its policies and examined 700 accounts for frequent incitement. Regarding the controversy, Wang Yang said he is focusing on his acting career. However, he did remove his compliments to Wang Yibo from his page.

Chinese media site QQ also describes Wang Yibo as a controversial young star. He is often criticized for his stiff acting and exaggerated facial expressions when having to express intense emotions. In addition, Wang Yibo is criticized for always having a cold and unfriendly expression during his media appearances. He tends to give brief and insufficient answers, which complicates the task of journalists.

Boycott campaign against Chinese actor Wang Yibo intensifies, even his most fervent fans turn away from him K-Selection

Wang Yibo's fans are frustrated and tired of his constant scandals. To make matters worse, even the most ardent fans are abandoning Wang Yibo. On June 16, a major fan account with over 270 followers announced that it would stop supporting the actor. Another fan with over 000 followers started supporting actor Huang Junjie.

According to Sohu, Wang Yibo disappointed his fans by always having a distant expression. On “Weibo Movie Night,” he appeared with an unmade-up, unretouched face. Fans also expressed frustration with her frequent use of unsuitable wigs. Additionally, according to QQ, Wang Yibo has not joined a new film crew for more than 400 days. His old project is finished and it will be a long time before he releases new work. This will undoubtedly have an impact on his reputation and career development.

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They are a problem they always need to attack someone for if for his part iĺ criticizes him because he refuses to comply with their demands.
and so if he is like that!
Apparently the only thing he cares about is being an actor and that's all he's not looking to


These famous fans are definitely never happy!!! We must consider that the young actor's age has his first big success, he must not have been really advising on the world of K-pop or a simple unsmiling face causes a storm!!
It's a bad start for him, this world is in pity


If Wang Yibo shows this cold and distant appearance it is because he must have a good reason and then he has always shown an appearance like that it is part of his style and his personality


And then it's not because he has a cold and distant appearance that he is necessarily mean and not sensitive on the contrary so get to know him first before judging and criticizing him you will see you will surely be surprised


It's a snake that eats its tail.

Fans complain about the actor's "bad" treatment without realizing that it is their own behavior that is sometimes the direct cause.

Who wants to mingle with someone surrounded by a wasp nest? It’s a sad reality and it’s a shame for the actor…

Afterwards we can debate his attitude. Should he tell fans to put it on the back burner? Maybe, but not sure it works.
And if I go by the mentality there, this position would surely have backfired on him.
Too bad for my little Lan Zhan


I feel like he doesn't care. Do what you want

Kristalle Gado

Yes and he is absolutely right


The “boycott” is still mind-blowing…! I'm not worried about Wang Yibo, very talented (not "static" at all), those who follow his acting journey know that. Personality-wise, that's for sure, he doesn't act, he stays himself! He never puts himself forward (on a stage or a preview, he is not fooled, most of the people, the fans, come for him, but he always steps back to put his colleagues forward and let them speak). Not very talkative, it's true, and rather direct. When he speaks, he gets to the point and doesn't "talk around" to journalists and others. Of course, he doesn't like it too much, because he doesn't give the impression. The “scandals” are never created by him (whether not his comments or his behavior) but by fanatics… fanatics whom he does not support anyway… and it bothers them too!


I love Yibo his personality so much at least he doesn't try to fit into a box. He is himself. But why treat him like this, I know he is mentally strong but enough is enough. We are not all extroverted people.

to your bet

I like him great actor it's amazing to see that he's an actor not your puppet how can the fans do that grrrr


In China there I have the impression that it's worse than in Korea….people get angry and those tire quickly for not much there lol.
Having a cold personality inside sometimes means I have suffered too much and I protect myself by putting on a mask, a barrier... but living in a world where only beauty takes precedence... people no longer take the time to look behind a facet.


It's very true behind their beauty there is a lot of nastiness and it's terrible to get there he is very handsome even without makeup why his fans don't support him his look is really magnificent and his coldness is his style he has always been like that stop criticizing him for nothing insulting his family his friends you are not ashamed what a dishonor for us his fans and let him make his acting career because he is an excellent actor singer and magnificent model and I wish him lots of happiness and joy and lots of good things in his life

Xi Juwan

At some point it's deplorable that people can criticize a person so much because for them, he is often dull and hardly smiles when this happened after the untamed..this society is so toxic, that the poor person feels finds himself in the middle of all this without counting the hypocritical fans who are fans only when it suits them. You waste the image of your idols after you come to complain...

Enna Haiti

Each person has their own character, and I understand it, he makes a choice not to waste his smile on this hypocritical society. Certainly his reactions are confusing, nevertheless he has the right to protect himself from injustice. And then what else, its naturalness makes you talk. Strength to you, you have taken a step which brings you frustration and regrets, it is these actions which must better forge your tomorrow, use your missteps to your advantage, never give up .May God guide you and bless you!

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