ATEEZ World Tour 2024 Ticket Prices Shock Fans K-Selection
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ATEEZ World Tour 2024 Ticket Prices Shock Fans

After successfully making history as the first K-Pop boy group to perform at the Coachella music festival, ATEEZ announced their highly anticipated 2024 World Tour (TOWARDS THE LIGHT: WILL TO POWER) in South America. north, which begins July 14 in Tacoma, WA.

Pre-sale for members begins Wednesday, May 1, with general sales beginning Friday, May 3. ATINYs (ATEEZ fans) naturally start to worry, knowing that tickets will go on sale soon, so they try to find out ticket prices in advance. They found a reliable source on the Gas South District website, as ATEEZ's Atlanta date is July 31 at the Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA. If you click on the seating chart, you will see the layout as well as ticket prices for each section.

ATEEZ World Tour 2024 Ticket Prices Shock Fans K-Selection
“New updated board for ATEEZ at Gas South in Duluth 👀 same prices but enlarged stage added thankfully. »

Prices vary from 98,60 to 689,38 euros, excluding fees. The most expensive ticket is for VIP 1. ATINYs were shocked by the ticket prices and worried about the total amount they spent.

What is surprising is that their VIPs are more expensive than Enhypen AND TXT… VIP1 should include a meet and greet with fans or a group photo in addition to the start and soundcheck, because there is no no way $740 is just for the soundcheck.

ATEEZ World Tour 2024 Ticket Prices Shock Fans K-Selection

The ATINYs were joking about the potential VIP perks one would need to receive to justify such a high price. Some have suggested that this should include personal one-on-one interactions with an ATEEZ member.

For those confused about VIP levels and ticket prices, I emailed Gas South regarding VIP packages and this is what they responded!!!

ATEEZ World Tour 2024 Ticket Prices Shock Fans K-Selection

According to Gas South, the VIP1 package includes VIP check-in and entry, early access to the general room, sound check, limited edition gift, VIP badge and lanyard, and early access merchandise, while the VIP2 package includes almost everything except sound check and early access to merchandise. Tickets do not include a meeting with the artists.

You want me to pay $700 to $1000 without even being guaranteed a seat near the stage, when in the past I've had much better seats for much less.

☆윤호's Tara☆
“Remember when the first ATEEZ tour offered VIP hi-touch tickets for $121”

The ATINYs reminisce about ATEEZ's past North American tours. VIP tickets then cost more than half of this year's price. Some paid just over 93,54 euros for VIP tickets, including member interactions, which is now the price of the cheapest and most basic concert ticket.
“You want me to pay $800 without even being guaranteed a barrier 😭 when I've had places with similar views for much less in the past. »
“We were once a respected society…”
“I just find it unbelievable that I paid so much to be barricaded during Ateez's last tour. »

ATINYs can't help but compare ticket prices in North America to ATEEZ for other locations, like South Korea. However, knowing how much the trip costs on top of the increased visa fees, it shouldn't be surprising that the North American tour costs as much as it does.

Tickets in Korea cost around $200, while we have to pay $800.


Many ATINYs are expressing concern about this tour after seeing the alleged ticket prices. Some people are now wondering whether they should go or not. Meanwhile, ATEEZ has announced its European tour.

What do you think?

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They push the prices because they are not sure of filling the stadiums?…I will quietly wait for the return of BTS


Let's wait quietly for Bangtan


Lol 0 report. In addition, it is better to fill the Accor Arena than to have the poor soundtrack of the stadium and zero visibility


Pff… for 2 years the agencies clearly don’t care about the fans. The ticket prices are too expensive but it happens so often that I'm not even surprised to see the prices anymore. Not to mention that ticket sales companies take advantage of this to inflate prices because they know that “even if it’s more expensive, fans will still take it”

How much do these raptors annoy me?

Strawberry juice

No but the joke!!! I don't mind that the places are more expensive than in Korea but we have to stop taking ourselves for pigeons!!! When I think that the most expensive ticket for a Taylor Swift concert is 250 euros. But hey as there are those who will pay the agencies will continue to abuse it's like for Black Pink more than 1000 VIP places it cried scandal but all the places were sold out.


I would love to have tickets, but I refuse to exceed 200 per ticket (and I find that expensive), knowing that I will be accompanied by one or two people. Knowing that I will also have to pay for the train tickets, maybe even the hotel, and that I would like to buy the lightstick, the prices risk going up very high, and I will not be able to keep up. Plus, the atinys are going to fight for tickets, and I wasn't able to attend their concert the year before. In short, I sincerely hope that the prices will be a little more affordable than we think.


Afterwards I think that the only places which will be expensive will be the places for the VIP pit 1 and 2 knowing that there are also the soundt
check. But I'm sure that the other places will be affordable if they exceed 80 euros otherwise it would be impossible for people like me to go there, especially since I missed a lot of certifications.


It is abused. Imagine having to pay half the minimum wage just to get a concert ticket. Sometimes I wonder if agencies really take us for rich people who are ready to do anything to see their favorite artists. Besides the scandals with BTS and everything, it's overused. Personally, if I go to their concert in France, I will take the cheapest place and we will still have to fight to get tickets. Still in the abuse agencies really.

I remember last year we had to pay the price of a house (I don't remember for which artist) and someone said it was worth it since it was once in a lifetime. In short, I would still rather have a house than a concert ticket. Everyone has their own priorities.

It was for TFBOYS, the ticket price could go up to 250k euros

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