ATEEZ Adds Another LA Date to “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” World Tour 2022 K-Selection
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ATEEZ Adds Another LA Date to Their 2022 “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” World Tour

ATEEZ's 2022 world tour, "The Fellowship: Beginning of the End", which kicked off on November 18 in Los Angeles, quickly sold out all tickets after its pre-sale opened and attracted a lot of attention. attention.

KQ Entertainment, the management agency of ATEEZ, said: “Thanks to the interest and support from fans around the world, we have decided to host an additional concert in Los Angeles on January 31, 2022.”

With this, their concert in Los Angeles, which was scheduled to be held at the “Forum” on January 30, will be enjoyed until the next day, January 31, 2022.

ATEEZ World Tour 2022 “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” will be held in Seoul, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, where tickets have been opened so far, except from Paris, where the tickets have not yet been opened. Meanwhile, London, Berlin, Warsaw and Madrid sold tickets in 11 cities in total, proving the band's global popularity.

The agency continued: “Because we can meet more fans, ATEEZ also has higher expectations for the tour, and we prepare hard to show the best stage to the fans who will attend. We will do everything possible to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable viewing of the performance. »

In addition, ATEEZ's 2022 world tour "The Fellowship: Beginning of the End" is a total of 15 performances in 12 cities in the United States and Europe, including the Seoul concert which will be held from 7 to January 9. The boys will meet fans from North America and Europe, as well as fans from Korea.

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It's a very good thing for them, they must be really happy.
On the other hand, does anyone know more about when and how tickets are sold for their visit to Paris?


Super happy with their tour but a little disappointed that there is only one date for France, and in Paris obviously 🙁


I'm super happy for them but frankly the agency clearly benefits from the success of other groups globally.

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