ARMYs Theorize Why Jungkook Changed His K-Selection Username
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ARMYs Theorize Why Jungkook Changed His Username

After less than 4 months of using a 26-character username, Jungkook suddenly changed his Instagram username to a much simpler name: “ Jungkook.97"

As a result, fans are also coming up with many theories as to why the youngest member of BTS decided to change his username from a unique and creative account name to a simpler one.

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On March 16, Jungkook changed his Instagram account name to “Jungkook.97.”
ARMYs joked that Jungkook changed his username to a short stage name to make it easier to communicate with other artists because BTS is about to perform at the Grammy Awards.

If someone asks for their username on Instagram, they can simply say "Jungkook.97" rather than the excessively long username

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« abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz » and note that there must be two “_” signs. Additionally, some fans believe that the idol changed his account name to make it easier to log in because he was too tired after thousands of failed login attempts.

ARMYs Theorize Why Jungkook Changed His K-Selection Username

On the other hand, others believe that he changed his Instagram name in order to divert fans' attention before suddenly releasing the mixtape "JJK1." “Jungkook once said that he would suddenly release a mixtape one day when fans weren't paying attention. As a result, he had to change his username on purpose to divert our attention, then unexpectedly posted "JJK1", according to ARMYs.

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On the other hand, BTS will perform on stage at the Grammy Awards on April 3. They were also nominated for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” After that, the band will also perform a 4-night concert in Las Vegas, USA.

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