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Anti-feminism community listed RM of BTS, Joy and more as 'verified feminists'

An anti-feminism community created a “verified feminist” sign to distinguish feminist celebrities. The authors claim to have “vetted” feminist celebrities based on their past comments and actions.

Anti-feminism community listed RM of BTS, Joy and more as 'verified feminists' K-Selection

Entitled “Check Femi”, several dozen personalities were verified this Friday, classifying them into three groups of “suspected”, “verified” and “warned” in their association with feminist ideologies on the basis of their comments and actions of the past.

Most notably, "Check Femi" listed President Moon Jae-in and now-deceased former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon as "warned," while listing singers Bae Suzy and Joy, member of the girl group Red Velvet, as a verified feminist. RM from BTS was also listed as a verified feminist.

The status "suspected" was placed next to the names of actors Lee Hye-ri and Jung Woo-sung.

Anti-feminism community listed RM of BTS, Joy and more as 'verified feminists' K-Selection

The community director said in a notice that the categorization system was designed to select feminists from the general public and as a way for people to decide who to follow or not to follow.

The administrator said the community does not differentiate between radical or controversial feminists and those who are positively recognized.

Users in the community have been criticized, with netizens asking to stop judging the mentalities and virtues of feminist individuals through a small number of comments made in the past. Other comments asked why being a feminist is something to identify people with and socially pin them down.

The community was removed after facing criticism and numerous media reports.

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“Check Femi” highlighted once again how feminism is facing backlash from anti-feminist groups and how gender conflict has deepened in the country
Le gender-based conflict expected to remain alive, because young women always think that society doesn't treat them fairly and young men think that they don't take advantage of it unfairly because they are men.

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There is a very good video on feminism in Korea that a French YouTuber who lives in Korea has just released, his name is Pape san and very clearly it explains the situation well, especially since there was a little controversy during the Olympics.

army and shinobi forever

But stop your nonsense, it's starting to seriously annoy us

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