Expert Who Worked on BTS's V MV Speaks About Min Hee Jin
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Expert Who Worked on BTS's V MV Speaks About Min Hee Jin

An industry expert who worked on BTS' V's solo album shares her experience working with Min Hee Jin. It was in fact in an Instagram story published on May 22 that the creative director and co-founder of Studio Mastruta shared her experience working with Min Hee Jin, in which she declared:

 » It is with pleasure that I share my experience working on the songs and music videos for BTS V's solo album last spring. I felt some things while working with CEO Min Hee Jin in Korea and abroad and what impressed me was how she sought to bring out V's true face to understand him on a human level, the way she always took care of the people she worked with, and her leadership in basing the work on trust, which of course earned her the honors she deserved. »

An expert who worked on BTS's V MV speaks on Min Hee Jin K-Selection

“For my part, working with Min was an enriching experience in that we were able to learn something from it instead of just carrying out the work requested and if I had the opportunity to work with her again, I would not I would not hesitate to do so with great pleasure.” she added.

Netizens praised Min for her good work ethic while being surprised that professionals went out of their way to support her publicly, with many speaking out:

An expert who worked on BTS's V MV speaks on Min Hee Jin K-Selection

-All these people talking about Min Hee Jin are people who will continue to work in this field, and the fact of publishing all this publicly is truly astonishing

-How quickly they released V's album shows how competent they are and the musical understanding is also good. I don't understand why they are trying to tear down someone so competent

-Many acquaintances and people around Min post testimonials

-Min Hee Jin and professionals in this field talking about it publicly is truly amazing

-Positive testimonials about Min are emerging

-But Min Hee Jin does her job really well. Everyone says how good she is at her job and many support her too

-The ability to bring something meaningful from this experience. I wonder what it feels like. I'm jealous, everyone who has worked with her talks about bringing meaning to something. Is that why his talent is recognized in this field?

-My God Min Hee Jin… Please work with me too

-What does earned credit mean? HYBE didn't give her the credit she deserved?

-She seems like someone who has great leadership. There are only good things to say about him

-All the people who support her make it known publicly and reveal their names

What do you think of this praise for Min Hee Jin?


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For me it doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of competent people but very hypocritical…


V he wants to be original so much that he looked elsewhere that has always been my idea of ​​him without criticism but just through observation. As for the expert, she doesn't have a name?? She gives a positive testimony and no name?? Finally, no matter the court will decide this case but for my part I sincerely hope that she will leave Hybe, she has nothing to do with it whether it is her or theirs, she must get out and her clique with her . She came, she threw her drink in a company where some people sweated without water. She demolished them with hateful comments then pretended she was joking!! Or that Elke never said it. This doesn't make me laugh. It doesn't matter whether she takes the door gently or inertly and with a crash, but she leaves.


Internet users have said it all again...


And here's an excuse again, but working with her for a while doesn't equal years of work, do you know her enough to give her your life, no, so stopping it becomes ridiculous


Especially since despite the manipulator that she is, we cannot deny her talent and her investment in her work. She is really competent.


I'm not going to waste my time responding to a hater like you, avoid responding to my comments, thank you in advance


Isn't she a hater? She actually confirms what you say, just adding that despite everything she does a good job and that therefore makes things complicated.


I don't talk about this matter, this person keeps tearing down illit and BM by insulting them and everything while she stays away from my comments I don't have time for him

K-pop curious

Feedback consistent with what I have already read about this person. No offense to his detractors


Well, by chance we wouldn't do the same thing as Hybe?

If V himself asked to work with MJH and there is a good reason.


Fairly agree


Thanks only hypocrites


Hahaha vrm


MHJ the girl


So I'm totally on the side where he's not a good person. But Hybe, in the end. Isn’t he the same seriously?

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