Actor Kim Woo Bin Bought Former BigHit Entertainment Building, Fans React K-Selection
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Actor Kim Woo Bin Bought Old BigHit Entertainment Building, Fans React

The recent purchase of a famous Korean actor has caused great concern among netizens. Although BTS is one of the most influential groups in the world today, their humble beginnings began with BIGHIT MUSIC and the building of BigHit Entertainment.
“BTS members' first shared memory is of the old BigHit building, where they overcame hardships together and shared happy moments. »
“The old Bighit building is full of touching messages from ARMYs around the world for BTS. This is where our seven boys started, long before they became the biggest boy band. This old building therefore has particular importance for us. »
“The way this building holds so many memories. »

Even in 2022, the members were spotted in Nonhyeong-dong, near the old BigHit building, for an episode of "Run BTS."

Actor Kim Woo Bin Bought Former BigHit Entertainment Building, Fans React K-Selection

Even today, ARMYs come to leave messages on the building.

Actor Kim Woo Bin Bought Former BigHit Entertainment Building, Fans React K-Selection

Although this building has always held an important place in the lives of ARMYs, it has returned to the forefront thanks to actor Kim Woo Bin. On June 25, it was reported that Kim Woo Bin purchased the former BigHit Music building. Shortly after this announcement, his agency AM Entertainment confirmed the news, adding: “It is true that Kim Woo Bin bought the building,” with sources specifying that the cost was 13,7 billion won (approximately $9,89 million USD).

When the news spread, it was no surprise that ARMYs felt great nostalgia. Although BTS has been in the new HYBE building for several years, the old building is full of memories and remains a must-visit location for all fans visiting Korea.
“You miss those good old days. »
“It’s like my home was being taken away from me. »

ARMYs were also, and unsurprisingly, concerned. Many fear that the sale of the building will result in a renovation of the place, thus removing all the inscriptions and messages accumulated over the years.

“Actor Kim Woo Bin bought this building, which unfortunately means all these posts will surely disappear. The dream of visiting this building will now forever remain a dream. »
“When I tell you they should have declared it a national monument a long time ago. »
“Kim Woo Bin acquired the National Heritage of Korea, taking out a life insurance policy for himself in hopes of preserving it as is. »
“Actor Kim Woo Bin bought the old BTS building? Now it will erase all these memories and my dream of visiting it in the future will always remain a dream. I'm going to cry. »

Netizens tried to take a positive perspective, thinking that Kim Woo Bin was making an investment and surely understood the importance of the building to millions of fans around the world. They thus hoped that he would not make any changes.
“I don’t think it’s something to stress about anyway. He most likely bought it for investment purposes. I'm sure he knows ARMYs will continue to write about his building. »

Many hope the place will preserve the memories and are shocked that HYBE didn't purchase the building.

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He has the right to do what he wants with his money and if he can give it a facelift that would be good, you have to know how to move on!!!


Yes but sometimes it's good to remember the good times


That's life eh, it's a building that saw BTS born and develop until they became big stars after Pd-nim ​​decided to go elsewhere so this building has every right to get a makeover thanks to its new owner because he didn't buy it to leave it in its current state, that's clear

Zélia Cannavó

A bit tired of bts


And a little of you too

Mariama Djiba

yes I agree with you

K-pop curious

Info to be confirmed but it seems to me that the owners of the building were bothered by the inscriptions and had called on the ARMYs to stop tagging the place.

If this is true, then I think the actor is free to do whatever he wants and ARMYs should stick to that and stop bothering him on social media.
(The article does not mention this fact, I bring it to your attention and you are free to check)

If HYBE wanted this place, I think they had the means to acquire it much earlier.

On the other hand, if the practice of “tag” was encouraged by the former owners then it would be cool if the actor could not “touch it” and/or keep part of it.

In any case, if he is the new owner of the place, he is more or less free to do what he wants.

I understand that the place is full of memories for fans but if the previous owners themselves did not like this practice of 'tagging' then it is simply vandalism and the practice should stop.

vandalism = any act of destruction or damage aimed at public or private property.
(Wikipedia definition)


If he is smart he will turn it into a hotel, which would in fact become the most popular hotel in which all ARMYs will want to stay during their visit to South Korea


I wouldn't see the problem in removing certain messages, the cringe ones for example.
And if you think that's nasty, I only have one thing to say.
C'est la vie.


Well yes but this is different. Think about the members too. It reflects their hard work to get to where they are now, the biggest boy band in the world. There are so many memories and such. It's not just some old building. This is the old building in which BTS was built. And when they talk about removing messages it's not just removing some of them. This is EVERYTHING erased. Without exception. By also removing messages of encouragement and the like. Personally, I am against the removal of messages. In addition, it is now one of the most important places to visit for the ARMYS who go there.


So if we start from your principle. Every place that is full of memories should remain intact. Your school, your first house, your room, and everything that builds you. A bit far-fetched, no? BTS or not BTS for the messages do some research and you will see that this is called vandalism even if it is true it is very cute (like the little hearts on the bench when you are in love in high school) but it is forbidden.
Plus I find it intelligent if you know a little bit about Kim woo Bin this man is so gentle and kind. He will renovate it with his heart and make it the way he wants. So yes, it’s a page that is turning now. Is this dramatic? No, you have to move forward in life guys even if it hurts your heart sometimes


Especially since if they had wanted to, the members of BTS have ample means to buy the building


Exactly where you have thought…if for the future it is important to have a good price

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