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Kpop Idol Kissing Scene in Recent BL Causes Widespread Debate

There has been an increase in idols performing in BLs, including ZEROBASEONE's Jiwoong, SF9's Zuho, DKZ's Jaechan, and former KNK member Park Seoham.

OMEGA X's Hangyeom recently starred in BL Jazz For Two. In one of the episodes, the couple had a kissing scene, but fans noticed that it was not sharp showing them either blurry or like shadows. After the scene, a netizen attracted attention with his reaction to the scene. It's not uncommon to see idols starring in BLs and having kissing scenes, but the netizen thought that if someone isn't comfortable or isn't allowed to show a kiss with another man, then he shouldn't show up to audition for the role.

Kissing scene in Jazz for two

The comment then sparked a debate among those cited. Many fans agreed that in 2024, there should be no prejudice against this type of scene. These refer to previous idols who have had passionate kissing scenes throughout their Kdramas. They also pointed out that idols should stop auditioning if they are not able to do this kind of scene.

Some shared that it wasn't as deep as others made it out to be. In addition to pointing out that BLs didn't need kissing scenes to be effective, others mentioned Hangyeom's personality and suggested that any decisions were likely out of his control.

There has definitely been an increase in idols performing in BLs. The types of plots and intimacy in these vary depending on the source material, production team and more. Fans believe that it is wrong to generalize the genre and expect all actors to follow the same structure to satisfy fans.

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The kiss is the most anticipated scene..this type 10 or 20 episode the audience dreams and lives through the actors...personally it annoys me when there is no kiss...


The same. It annoys me so much.

Rose-Marie Balet

Me too, plus they're looking for it, they're waiting for that but they don't decide, I'm complaining


I completely agree with what these netizens said, namely that if an idol is uncomfortable with a kiss scene, they should not accept the scenario. Unless you are a heavyweight who can get the producer/director to remove this scene from the script, he will have to live with it. Therefore, if this is not the case, you might as well refuse the role from the start.

Not that the well-being of idols should be ignored, far from it, but we're going to stop playing hypocrites or false prudes for two minutes: kiss scenes are an integral part of dramas, whether straight, BL or GL . This is THE moment that all spectators are waiting for between the two actors of the lead couple (and often even the second couple). It's a key moment in the story, and in all stories, for that matter, not just dramas.
Now depending on the script and the arrangement of the actors, it can be chaste or hot. It may also not exist at all in the script, again, this is depending on the choice of the production.

But that it exists, that it is planned but blurred, I do not agree at all. If they want to play censorship or protect noble Korean youth, it's simple, they might as well create a law that prohibits kiss scenes in BL and that's it. Thus, the honor of shy idols will be safe and the sensitivities of viewers who are against this type of scene preserved.

In a country where we find it normal to beat women because they are feminists or to forbid adults from being in a relationship and for that, must apologize, we are not close to an abuse.

Yami Shino

I completely agree!


I think the same


Hate for nothing.



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