Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings
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Internet users “prove” that TWS committed manipulation of digital rankings

On May 21, it was reported that the Korean Creative Content Agency (KCCA), which is under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, confirmed that it received an official complaint regarding the alleged Sajaegi (ranking manipulation) by BTS. The KCCA is expected to contact HYBE to investigate these accusations, although netizens have little confidence that this will actually be verified, as the K-Pop group was proclaimed innocent in 2017 when it was investigated for the same accusations .

But it turns out that BTS isn't the only group at HYBE Labels that people suspect of manipulating the rankings. In fact, in the few months since their debut, TWS has been under scrutiny for their surprising jump in the Korean music charts with "Plot Twist" despite their low awareness, low social media discussion, and low views on most of their contents.

Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings

Some also think that the number of albums sold is suspicious, given that they are a fledgling band that almost no one knew about before their debut.
“Record First Day Sales of a Debut Album for New Groups in 2024:
TWS Sparkling Blue: 206 copies sold
ILLIT SUPER REAL ME: 142 copies sold
NCTWISH WISH: 92 copies sold
UNIS WE UNIS: 9 copies sold
RESCENE Re: 6 copies sold
ALL_H_OURS ALL OURS: 3 copies sold
DXMON HYPERSPACE: 1 copies sold
NOMAD NOMAD: 772 copies sold
CandyShop Hashtag#: 157 copies sold
WAKER Mission of School: 100 copies sold
NND Wonder, I: 2 copies sold »
“Best-selling bands debuting in 2024 on the Circle Chart (until April 30, 2024):
ILLIT: 592 copies sold
TWS: 523 copies sold
BABYMONSTER: 484 copies sold
NCTWISH: 386 copies sold
TIOT: 136 copies sold
UNIS: 51 copies sold
NOWADAYS: 44 copies sold
RESCENE: 33 copies sold
TOZ: 29 copies sold
ALL_H_OURS: 28 copies sold »

Some do not believe the group committed Sajaegi. Many believe that "Plot Twist" simply went viral on certain platforms, allowing them to achieve such high rankings on the Korean music charts, and that mainstream interest was enough for the fledgling group to become so successful, so fast.

However, with their first comeback scheduled for the end of June, people are looking again at TWS and looking for evidence that the group didn't get their results fairly. Two days ago, the group released a teaser for the comeback titled "Our Memories: Now," giving a glimpse of a light-hearted, summery comeback. View counts over time are what people look at for proof of the band's chart manipulation.


Within the first 11 hours of release, the teaser had reached 80 views, which some believe is quite low for a “Big Four” K-Pop group that scored on TWS. On the first day after its release, the number of views rose to 000, which many still consider quite low. At this point, two days after posting, the teaser has around 120 views. Apparently, this is enough to convince many people that TWS is engaging in Sajaegi. On a forum discussing the subject, many commentators shared their opinions, the majority being rather suspicious.

Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings

“Look, they'll suddenly make 1 million sales and debut on Spotify with 100 plays, and articles like 'NEW MILLIONAIRE SELLERS, TWS THE REAL BTS JUNIORS – IS THIS THE END FOR RIIZE?' » will start to appear. »

Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings
  • “The amazing thing is that most of their videos on YouTube only have 20-30 views. I've never seen such a popular group have so few views. »
  • “Even Wish, which had lower sales than them, has better views on YouTube. »
  • “Riize, with their fans boycotting the group, has better views than TWS. »
Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings

“I still don't understand why HYBE debuts so many groups but doesn't reach the level of popularity of BTS or SM groups. As a conglomerate, HYBE should choose trainees with star potential or incredible physiques, so that the group's "sajaegi" can be hidden by popularity and large fandom. »

Internet users “prove” that TWS has committed manipulation of the K-Sélection digital rankings
  • “This group has experienced a very suspicious rise in the rankings, which is quite rare. HYBE sure does sajaegi, but usually they supplement it with playlists, ads, persuading influencers to use audio on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc., to make it less obvious. But with this group, all they did was push the song to the top of the charts as much as possible in a short period of time, which made it very obvious. »
  • “The way all these artists released their music, topped the charts and eventually fell while TWS' song is still in the top 10 without issue. Who would have thought they would overtake IU in the top 10? »

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I've loved this band a lot since they started, and I'll be honest, I think Hybe or even Pledis skewed the numbers. You just have to look at the other songs without MV, they only have around thirty comments on YouTube! It's a beginner group and although they are full of talent, sometimes things don't work out. I also noticed that TWS has not received an advertising campaign at the level of other groups under Hybe, and what annoys me is that Hybe continues to launch groups every 2 weeks and then drops them if they does not achieve the expected success…

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