4 good reasons to watch The Inheritors on 6play (1)
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4 good reasons to watch The Inheritors on 6play

4 good reasons to watch the popular Kdrama The Inheritors (below The Heirs), available now for free on 6play!

Whether you've never seen it or you've already watched it twice, The Inheritors is a must-see Kdrama that you won't want to miss. In our opinion, here are 4 good reasons to get started (again)!

  1. The scenario 

The heirs Kim Ji-Won

It simply sends a dream! Between the warm air of California and the luxurious setting of a private high school in Seoul, the Kdrama sets clearly make you want to be there. Take a teenager raised by a single mother and housekeeper on one side and wealthy teenagers, heirs of the biggest Korean companies on the other.

4 good reasons to watch The Inheritors 6play

Mix them in the same school. Add a touch of romance, betrayal, dilemmas and family problems and you have the perfect cocktail of a K-drama that absolutely must not be missed!

  1. The casting

The Inheritors 6play korean series

This is the ultimate argument! For what ? Well it's simple, The Heirs brings together many actors who left their mark on their generation and the Korean scene during the 10 years following the release of the Drama.

The star star is obviously Lee Min Ho (isn’t that reason enough to watch this drama?). He plays the young and insolent Kim Tan, an iconic character in K-drama culture. The female lead played by the sweet Park Shin Hye, who fits her like a glove. It even looks like it was written for her! Wait, it's not over...Among the secondary characters, we find the very famous Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Woo Bin re-enacted famous lines from The Inheritors 6play

It was his role as a cheeky, bad boy teenager that revealed the actor. Without him, the drama would not have the same flavor! Finally, you've probably seen him in iconic K-dramas such as Descendant of the Sun ou Fight for my way, Kim Ji-Won perfectly embodies the ultra endearing high school pest in The Heirs.

You'll love it as much as you hate it! On the adult side, we find Kim Mi Kyung who plays Park Shin Hye's mother, an incredible role in this drama (you will understand by reading the rest of this article). As well as the iconic and very charismatic Park Joon Geum, in the role of Lee Min Ho's mother.

  1. The love triangle

4 good reasons to watch The Inheritors on 6play K-Sélection

Of course, this is a classic theme for a drama. But what a triangle (and maybe even squarely in love) ! With such a cast, your nerves and your little heart will be put to the test! You change your mind like your shirt, it's so difficult to choose. Between declaration of love, traitorous move and well-delivered punchline in the school playground, there is never a dull moment!

  1. The High School theme (deluxe)

The-Heirs-6play the inheritance

Like Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), you will quickly realize that this high school is not like the others...and for good reason it welcomes the richest young people in the country: the heirs, commonly called Chaebol in South Korea. Are you starting to understand the title of the Drama? Obviously these very endearing little rascals think that everything is due to them, but they also have HUGE family and relationship problems, like all teenagers!


If you are still a student, you will have no trouble identifying yourself. How would you have reacted to the filth of your comrades? And if you are older, and nostalgic (like us), then you will appreciate this lightness brought by the theme “school” in uniform

Available for free on 6play now (Click here), you will be able to watch it in just a few days.

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