16 Recently Released BL J-Dramas You Absolutely Need to Watch K-Selection
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16 Recently Released BL J-Dramas You Absolutely Need to Watch

The J-BLs released in 2023 are a worldwide success, offering a delightful blend of romance, drama and humor. These captivating series highlight the diverse and evolving landscape of Japanese entertainment. We have listed all the recently released J-BLs that are available for streaming. Without further ado, here are the 16 BLs offered by Japan a few months ago that you absolutely must watch!

1- The End of the World, With You

The End of the World, With You

In just ten days, a huge meteorite will hit Earth. After learning this shocking news and falling into a stupor ever since, Masumi Nishina decides to return to his alma mater and spend the rest of his days peacefully in the library. Unfortunately, he meets Ritsu Kusakabe, a man he never wanted to see again; the man he had once given his heart and soul to, but who ultimately caused him pain. Despite never thinking they would see each other again, the two decide to reunite and face an unknown end together.

2- Jack o' Frost

Jack o' Frost

The love story between illustrator Ritsu and salesman Fumiya begins in a charming cafe. Despite their happy union, a misunderstanding creates a rift between them. After a heated argument, Ritsu has an accident and loses all memory of Fumiya. To restart their relationship, Fumiya covers up their past and starts a new life with Ritsu, who longs to regain his memory. Together, they embark on a journey to revisit their history, returning to places laden with bittersweet memories. As they continue on their way, Fumiya struggles with their past while Ritsu begins to rediscover his feelings for Fumiya.

3- My Beautiful Man Season 2

My Beautiful Man Season 2

Hira Kazunari is in her fourth year at university, while Kiyoi Sou, a young rookie actor, works hard every day; the two became lovers and began living together. However, conflicts arise between them when Kiyoi wants to move the relationship forward while Hira becomes hesitant and aggressive.

As Hira prepares to graduate from college and struggles to find a job due to a lack of work experience, which path will the two ultimately choose?

4- My Beautiful Man: Eternal

My Beautiful Man ~eternal~

After many twists and turns, Hira and Kiyoi finally find their balance and start living together. Towards the end of the university semester, Hira lands a position as a photography assistant and Kiyoi becomes an aspiring actor. However, not wanting to jeopardize Kiyoi's acting career, Hira begins to distance herself and the gap between them widens...

5- Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table

Despite his talent for cooking, salaryman Yutaka Hozumi has difficulty sharing meals with other people. However, his life begins to change when one day his cooking attracts the attention of a young boy named Tane and his older brother Minoru. The two brothers are impressed by Yutaka's cooking skills and invite him to their house to cook together. Yutaka's dreary life begins to change and soon he finds himself looking forward to the meals he shares with the Ueda brothers, as well as developing a taste for romantic feelings...

6- Naked Dining

Naked Dining ~Love, Life and Liberation~

Ichijou Souta is an office worker at a financial institution, hardworking, competent and handsome. However, he has a hobby that most people don't know about, he likes to eat completely naked! For him, enjoying food naked is a good way to relieve stress. One day, he receives a letter from his grandmother and returns to his hometown, but he didn't expect his secret to be discovered accidentally by Mahiro Miki, a local boy who runs a fruit and vegetable store! Is this the end of the game for Souta? What will his next decision be?

7- Tokyo in April is…

Tokyo in April is…

Kazuma Takizawa, returning from the United States, returned to Tokyo where he previously lived, but he chanced upon his classmate Ren Ishihara whom he had not seen for ten years. Ren was not only Kazuma's classmate, but was also Kazuma's first love. They had their first sexual experience together. It was supposed to be an exciting reunion after a long absence, but Ren adopted an ordinary attitude and avoided talking about the separation... What happened ten years ago, in summer, when these two got together? separated?

8- Minato's Laundromat2

Minato's Laundromat2

Minato Akira, who manages his grandfather's laundromat, finds his relationship with Katsuki Shintaro facing unexpected challenges after three months of happiness. Meanwhile, Asuka and Hiiragi's budding romance takes a complicated turn. Prepare yourself for the trials that await these two loving couples in this captivating sequel!

9- My Personal Weatherman

My Personal Weatherman

Mizuki Segasaki is a young weather presenter who appears to be a calm and composed man, but beneath this calm exterior hides a tyrant at home. This fact is well known to pornographic manga artist Yoh Tanada, who lives with him. Although Segasaki takes care of all of Tanada's expenses, the only condition of this arrangement is that Tanada must obey all of Segasaki's wishes...

10- If It's With You

If It's With You

When high school student Amane transfers to a school in Enoshima, he meets Ryuji, a kind classmate, and the two begin to grow closer and closer and feel an attraction to each other. Will Amane, who has trouble falling in love, change because of Ryuji?

11- I Cannot Reach You

I Cannot Reach You

Yamato and Kakeru, childhood best friends, are very different, but form an inseparable duo. Despite their constant closeness, complicated feelings prevent them from being together as they really want.

12- One Room Angel

One Room Angel

Kouki, a young man with no purpose in life, works night shifts in a convenience store. One night, he finds himself in a deadly altercation with customers and sees an angel appear before him. However, instead of dying, he recovers and discovers the angel living in his house, opening a new chapter in his life.

13- Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru

Aki and Haru are university students who share a room in a house. They have different personalities and problems, but both feel invigorated when they eat. Will they be happy and spend a peaceful life together?

14- What Did You Eat Yesterday 2

What Did You Eat Yesterday 2

Kakei Shiro and his partner, Yabuki Kenji, lead a life marked by some hardship but mostly happiness together, with Shiro's specialty in preparing affordable and delicious meals. As they reach the age of 50, they begin to experience different changes, but Shiro and Kenji still remain kind to each other as they begin a new stage in their lives.


15- Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun

Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun

Toki Kaneda, a problem student, seems to be a troublemaker, but despite everything, he has an innocent nature. His daily life completely changes when he meets his physical education teacher, Ichiro Sahara, who even becomes his motivation to go to school! A somewhat awkward but heartfelt teacher-student romance is about to begin!

16- We Star in a BL Drama

We Star in a BL Drama

A popular BL manga is being adapted into a live-action J-drama. The main roles will be played by Aoyanagi Hajime, a talented actor who was once a successful child actor but is not so successful anymore, and Akafuji Yuuichirou, a popular and attractive actor. Aoyagi has a hard time with Akafuji, who has an unfriendly attitude, but on the other hand, Akafuji feels a lot of love for Aoyagi. Will the two stars succeed in their BL J-drama?

Which J-BL have you watched so far?

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