10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection
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10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection

In 2024, A Sign of Affection has become a worldwide sensation and there are many other romance anime that fans must watch while waiting for news about season 2.

A Sign of Affection has established itself as one of the best romantic series of 2024, winning unanimous support in the world of anime. Thoughtfully and accurately depicting the experiences of deaf people, the series demonstrates that love can break down communication barriers and change lives. The wholesome romance between Yuki Itose and Itsuomi Nagi has won over fans, and despite their story being in its early stages, many are eager to see where the next chapter takes them.

The success of this touching series is considerable, but we still do not know if there will be a second season. The good thing is that there are plenty of other romance anime with very similar themes that fans of A Sign of Affection will definitely enjoy.

  • Komi Can't Communicate tells the story of a shy girl on a mission to make friends (October 21, 2021)

Komi Can't Communicate

Without being a love story in the true sense of the term, Komi Can't Communicate has its share of romance, particularly between the main characters of the series, Shoko Komi and Hitohito Tadano. Suffering from severe social anxiety, the main heroine, Komi, has difficulty communicating with others, which explains why she has had few to no friends throughout her life. However, his meeting with Tadano changes the course of things and the two become closer thanks to their own means of communication.

In this series, we discover the daily adventures of Tadano and Komi, who tries to make 100 friends by the end of the school year. Although it won't be easy, perhaps Tadano's support will help him get there. Many fans have succumbed to the healthy dynamic between Komi and Tadano, and many consider them one of the healthiest couples in modern anime. Showing genuine care for each other, they form a bond of love and support very similar to that of Itsuomi and Yuki in A Sign of Affection.

  • Say I Love You depicts the blossoming of love between a lonely young girl and the most popular boy in school

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Mei Tachibana from Say I Love You is isolated from others, just like Yuki Itose in A Sign of Affection, the only difference is that the latter is alone because of her disability, unlike Mei's isolation which is completely voluntary. A traumatic incident in her childhood led her to decide that it was best to live alone and never trust anyone for fear of being hurt. But while she does everything possible to remain discreet, everything changes when she attracts the attention of Yamato Kurosawa, one of the most popular boys in school.

Yamato, determined to be her friend, does everything he can to make Mei open up to him. Although the latter is not receptive at first, she quickly lets down her guard in his presence and ends up falling under the spell of this lively and carefree boy. It's a classic sweet romance that follows the two young lovers in their new relationship, and where Yamato helps Mei gradually come out of her shell.

  • Josee, The Tiger & The Fish follows an unlikely couple who unite over shared passions.

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Being a heartfelt romance film, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish features two young protagonists who seem complete opposites at first glance. While Tsuneo Suzukawa is courteous and hardworking, Josee is rude, bossy and demanding. Upon agreeing to be Josee's caregiver, Tsuneo quickly discovers that they have more in common than he thought. Just like him, Josee is passionate about travel and dreams of exploring the world, without worrying about her disability.

In this film, we witness Tsuneo's efforts to help Josee discover the world outside her walls. Throughout their adventures, the two young people fall deeply in love and realize that their bond fulfills them in ways they could never have hoped for. A true anime masterpiece, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish tells an inspiring story of young love and overcoming adversity to make one's dreams come true.

  • Shirayuki and Zen from Snow White With The Red Hair have one of the sweetest relationships in modern Shojo (July 6, 2015)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Inspired by the classic fairy tale, Snow White with the Red Hair features a young apothecary named Shirayuki who makes her way in the world and fights for her freedom. Shirayuki fled her country to settle in a new country where she works as a court herbalist for the royal family. There she meets Prince Zen Wistalia, and the two fall madly in love.

Despite the considerable difference between Snow White with the Red Hair and A Sign of Affection, the main couples of the two series are very similar. Indeed, just like Yuki and Itsuomi, Shirayuki and Zen share a very sweet and loving relationship, based on mutual trust and support. Although they are in different situations, both are on equal footing and show nothing but respect for each other. The romance between Zen and Shirayuki has been highly praised by many over the years, calling it one of the most wholesome love stories in shojo.

  • Blue Spring Ride tells the story of rekindled feelings and rediscovered childhood friends (July 7, 2014)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Futaba Yoshioka from Blue Spring Ride is another romance heroine who has isolated herself from those around her but unlike Yuki Itose, Futaba's isolation is completely on purpose. Her popularity with boys causes her to be bullied by her classmates, Futaba does everything in her power to appear unapproachable. The return of his childhood friend Kou Tanaka into his life, who was at the same time his crush, makes him want to open up again.

An underrated work in the shojo category, Blue Spring Ride tells a heartwarming story of rekindled love that aptly depicts teenage relationships. The conflicts between Futaba and Kou do not prevent them from forming a strong and healthy bond through the respect and adoration they feel for each other. Certainly, they are quite different from the main couple of A Sign of Affection, but their romance is just as sweet and complicit.

  • The Ice Guy & His Cool Female Colleague is an office romance between two co-workers with very different personalities (January 4, 2023)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

One of the best-loved romance novels of 2023, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is a wholesome romance set in the workplace, with a touch of the supernatural. The series features Himuro, a kind-hearted office worker with ice powers whose manifestations tend to spiral out of control when he experiences strong emotions. It is therefore almost impossible for him to hide his feelings when he falls in love with Fuyutsuki, his new work colleague, who is very beautiful.

While Himuro is brave, Fuyutsuki is rather withdrawn, approaching everything with calm and composure. Thanks to his rationality, Himuro manages to overcome his emotional outbursts, which allows him to better control his powers. At the same time, Himuro strives to help Fuyutsuki come out of his shell a little more. Much like A Sign of Affection, this simple but sweet series introduces us to two unlikely lovers who support each other in unexpected ways through their difficulties.

  • Honey & Clover tells the romantic coming-of-age story of a group of college students (April 14, 2005)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Being a classic romance novel from the 2000s, Honey and Clover is still beloved by fans today. It tells the story of a group of friends who attend a visual and performing arts school together. In this establishment, they overcome life's most difficult trials, whether it is love, heartbreak or self-discovery. Honey and Clover is a dramatic romance full of twists and turns that features a complex tapestry of multiple relationships.

The plot of Honey and Clover, like that of A Sign of Affection, involves an emotional love triangle between several characters. One of anime's most famous unrequited love stories, the series is full of drama and emotion. She demonstrates in a harsh but realistic way that love does not always turn out as we hope and that it sometimes happens that the boy does not end up winning over the girl.

  • My Happy Marriage's Miyo Saimori overcomes her traumatic childhood with love (July 5, 2023)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

A magical take on the classic Cinderella story, My Happy Marriage follows the struggles of a young woman named Miyo Saimori whose future seems bleak as she is mistreated by her family and used as a servant. The arrangement of her marriage to the mysterious Kiyoka Kudo, however, changes the situation. Although Miyo expects to be treated like she always has been, even in this new situation, she is shocked to discover that her new fiancé is kind and caring. Helped by the latter, she slowly begins to heal from her past traumas and blossom into a strong and confident woman.

The sweet message and wholesome romance of My Happy Marriage is sure to please fans of A Sign of Affection. Indeed, Kiyoka is one of the kindest lovers in modern shojo, and her gentle nature towards Miyo is both refreshing and satisfying. Depicting trauma and healing in a thoughtful and compelling way, My Happy Marriage is considered by many to be one of anime's best new love stories.

  • Kimi Ni Todoke is an endearing romance between a shy girl and a popular boy (October 6, 2009)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Featuring the unexpected romance between two very different high school students, Kimi ni Todoke is one of shojo's most iconic stories. Shy in nature, with an appearance resembling that of a well-known horror character, Sawako Kuronuma has always been feared and avoided by her classmates. A chance meeting with the charming and optimistic Shouta Kazehaya, however, will change Sawako's life.

Impressed by the charisma of this popular boy, Sawako aspires to be like him and strives to make new friends. Despite their differences, Sawako and Kazehaya are one of the cutest couples in all of anime and manage to get along surprisingly well. As they get closer, they end up evolving towards each other for the better, and fall in love in the process. Those who loved the wholesome romance between Yuki and Itsuomi in A Sign of Affection will definitely enjoy Sawako and Kazehaya's sweet love story.

  • A Silent Voice is a moving story of love and forgiveness (October 20, 2017)

10 Romantic Anime To Watch If You Like A Sign Of Affection K-Selection

Featuring a captivating and poignant story of two young students and the struggles they endure together, A Silent Voice is one of the most powerful animated films of the 2010s. It all begins when young Shoko Nishimiya transfers to the same class as Shoya Ishida where she suffered the most cruel tortures from her classmates, especially Shoya. They meet again years later at high school, where Shoya is still ostracized because of his past wrongdoings in the hope that he can atone for them.

As the story progresses, we witness the attempt of these two people to renew their relationship, to overcome the past and to move forward after a tragedy to build a better future. Brilliantly depicting the struggles faced by many in the deaf community, A Silent Voice was groundbreaking at the time for its depiction. Despite a much darker story and very heavy subject matter, this tragic and beautiful film is a great complement to A Sign of Affection.

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